Friday, June 8, 2012

Tinkerbell fans, PIXI has a surprise for you

Hello fairies!
Oh, do I have fun fun fun news for you.  The only problem is, I don't know if it's new because I have completely forgotten to share this with you all.  I had planned on just doing a youtube video featuring the PIXI products but then I decided to do it this way.
The "PIXI" line has a new collection dedicated to Disney's favorite fairy.  How cute right?  I immediately fell in love and wanted everything possible with some tink love in it ;)
PIXI is sold at Target and online.
Here is the PIXI website
Here is where to purchase it at

The collection consists of these 6 products:
(I purchased those in bold letters)
* Straight on till morning eye pencil
* Magic Tink tint lip crayon/pencil
* Fairy dust shimmer powder
* Fairy face palette
* Catching shadows eye crayon
* PixiGlow Nail colour

Although I want the whole collection, I couldn't quite justify it.  I've really enjoyed the eye pencil, the olive color and glitter really compliments and makes my brown eyes pop.  The Tink tint lip crayon is very soft and conditioning on the lips however, it doesn't leave any tint or color behind, I'm fine by that, though others may consider it boring.  Last but far from least, I got the most exciting of the whole collection which is the Fairy Face Palette!


Swatches of all 5 of the beautiful and shimmery eyeshadows of the
PIXI TINKERBELL collection, they're absolutely gorgeous!

Here's a swatch of the Magic Tink Tint Lip balm (on top, as you can barely see- not much pigment.
I consider it to be a lightly pink tinted lip balm more than a lipstick or gloss) it is retractable and it's definitely JUMBO SIZED! & the Straight on till morning eyeliner. (which is an olive green shimmery/sparkly pencil eyeliner)

Here are all 5 of the LIP swatches from the Pixi Tinkerbell Palette.  The second and third pinks
are my absolute favorites.  Though, I love every single shade.
I've mixed them up some too to create my own unique shades.

Here from left to right: Lip swatches,
BLUSH SWATCH (isn't the blush gorgeous?),
&& the eyeshadow swatches.

The review:
The straight till the morning eyeliner is wonderful- it's not waterproof (just a warning) but i'm okay with that! I love the olive green because it really makes brown eyes pop.  I could live without the shimmer in it, but yet it adds a nice touch.  It goes on very smooth and creamy.. I absolutely love the eyeliner and have already had to sharpen it 3 times!  The Magic Tink Tint is definitely a "sheer tint".  I'm very picky about what colors go on my lips and I am happy that this will be suitable at all times.  Like i said above, I consider it to be more of a sheer lip balm then a tint or lipstick.  It really makes my lips feel smoothed and conditioned and adds a little shine- but NOT gloss! Although I can see how some ladies may be disappointed with this, because it's very "bland" it's my ideal everyday lip product! The palette is to die for.  I've never had a palette where i love all the lipgloss/stick shades, and in this one I find myself contemplating over which one to choose.  I love the pink and rose shades, they're gorgeous for spring and summer and very "fairy-like"! The blush is beautiful it's rosy pink and I would think it looks great on all skin types/tones.  The blush does have shimmer in it, which makes it more "fairy-like" however, I wish it didn't.  If it didn't it would be more practical to everybody, I know so many people who don't care for shimmer on their face (like me for the most part!).  It adds a beautiful glow and lively sparkle, and looks the best when I have bronzed skin.  Last but not least, the eyeshadows were all beautiful.  I think the shades are perfect and so appropriate for a fairy-palette.  I love the light shimmery highlight colors for under the brow bone, in the outside-inner corner of my eye, and my eyelid.  I use the 2 darker shades to make my eyes look more sultry and smokey.  I usually don't prefer brown eyeshadow on my eyes because I have brown eyes, I don't feel brown eyeshadow compliments brown eyes as well as others could.  I would have loved if they added a green in instead of both of the last two colors being brown shades.  The shadow stays on great and truly looks so glamorous yet can look so girl next door! I love this palette!
So, what's on your wishlist? 
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