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My weekend 6/1-3

MY WEEKEND 6/1-6/3What's up everyone? I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  I know that i'm a little late posting considering it's Tuesday morning BUT-- I was truely having stupid internet difficulties yesterday.. After writing one post and it getting deleted which NEVER HAPPENS on here.  The worst that happens is your computer shuts down and you lost 30 seconds of work because blogger usually saves your work every minute or so automatically-- TOTAL BUMMER!
So lets try this again =)

This weekend was beautiful.  I got to spend a lot of time with my mother (as always, it seems).
On Friday, I enjoyed watching TV, flipping through magazines, and reading this great book i've started called "The Feeling Good Handbook".  I love reading books for self-help or anything to do with psychology and the mind.  I've also been reading a bit of "The Language of letting go" which is going to be one of my favorite books of all time.  I connect with almost every page of it.  It's like the answer to all my questions on my problems in life right now, well not so much the answer, but the reassurance that' I'm not crazy! I have a right to feel the way I do at this time in my life.
On Saturday we just really wanted to get out of the house and enjoy the weather.  We took the dogs on a nice walk and as usual Layla gave out halfway there (what a fatty!), Scout trucked it as far as she could until her back knees weren't looking too sturdy! We had to take her home.... But last but certainly not least, with the most endurance-- CHI CHI! hahahahaha, She's a little trooper -- with her booty shake and all!  Chi Chi has the most hilarious walk.  She almost has "multiple walk disorder".  She has about 3 different walks.  And here they are:
1. the leap-- she leaps like a rabbit and only does this one in the grass
2. the bowl legged walk-- she walks bowlegged and slow, and looks swole.  Like a wrestler or something... that's only 4 pounds!
3. The booty shake/trot *FAVORITE* she trots a little bit, shakes her booty from side to side, it is sassy!
4. the fox trot- she trots just like a fox or something..
Idk, maybe i'm crazy.. maybe you guys will just have to see it to get it.
well there's a *youtube* idea!
Anyways, the flea market was a blast... took some pictures and posted them below.

Lots of awesome beauty reviews and swatches to come this week, be patient with me! I'm trying to get all I can out of my computer-- it's on the verge of breaking.  As soon as i can get another one things will get better.  I wish I cuold post 3x a day, and had planned on it. I'm just learning and find out the hard way through constant disappointment in myself that it's not realistic

This is my family's gravestone.  I went to see my family members that have passed. It truely is such a beautiful cemetary!

This is my new favorite song! Search it on youtube- please!

Hello cat eyes! MEOW

LOVE LOVE LOVE my new mascara, I will reveal it in the next post!

I was playing around with my makeup, and kind of created this cat-eye look! i love it!

MEOW.... again

He's really well endowed 

Me with some Saudi Arabia coke!!

Came across this quote on my iphone. Really liked it!

sun was shining this weekend :)


<3 <3 <3 at the flea market <3 <3 <3

I loved these crossbody bags! They were only $15 each, deal!

wow.... aren't these breathetaking ;)?!

This is a really cool coca cola bottle i found, brought back from saudi arabia! sooooooo long ago!

This was a favorite stand at the flea market, they had the most random and vintage... "garbage" but little treasures at the same time, the guy was so nice- i think he enjoyed me a little too much ;)

i saw these amazing bracelets at the flea market! Look at how beautiful they are!

THIS HAD TO BE MY FAVORITE.  My mom says it's too big for me, but i think the bigger the better! I love bold and chunky jewelry statements!.... and i'm a turqoise freak! $12 ... I WILL BE BACK NEXT WEEKEND.

On the way to the flea market!

I know, I know, I'm a dork-- i just thought this might make a good picture!


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