Friday, June 8, 2012

Cheap collective cosmetic haul! (Each product is $5 or less!)

Hola ladies!
I have a collective haul for you all! Incase you're wondering what a collective haul is (group of purchased items from a period of time.  For example- over a weekend and from various stores).  When i say "cheap" i mean... CHEAP! All of these products are under $5 each. I went to The dollar general, Target, and Rite Aid.
Here are the products i got:

The colors and packaging were what really drew me into the lip glosses in the first place.  I feel i'm really only a "lipstick" consumer now.  I lost interest in lipgloss a while back because I can never find the right shade. In order for me to really like and feel comfortable in a lipgloss it has to be in this certain "color comfort zone" I have-- peachy,pink,nude-like.  Well, the Miami and Nashville shades were to my liking.  I love the minty scent of the gloss.  Anything to freshen up the mouth area is always a bonus for me because i smoke cigarettes (I know I need to quit!!).  I was really surprised at the overall feeling of the gloss, it has a great texture.  It's not too thick (not as thick as Mac's lipglass or Lancome's Juicy tubes--but not as thin as a Bonne Bell lipgloss either, lol!).  They do not wear off or absorb very fast like most drug store lip glosses do.  I don't know how you guys feel-- but in my past experience i feel like most of the lipglosses I've bought have been thin, very quick to absorb, or wear off quickly. At the same time, I hate super thick lipgloss that feels like you are wearing weights on your lips, the first example I can think of is Lancome's Juicy Tubes. they are so thick and so sticky it's a mess.  So sorry for the rambling, but unless i'm behind on lipglosses, these are excellent.  The shades are perfect and again, i love the feel... and the price $1 ... YOU CAN'T BEAT THAT!
--Miami- a very, very light pink with a hint of nude. Very natural color.
--Nashville- a nude gloss. period. if it's anything but nude, it's clear.  Again, a very natural color.


I wanted to try out some "outside-the-box" lip colors without spending a lot of money.  I heard about these on Youtube for a while.  I had heard they went on very matte and were way too dry for some people, but some people liked it.  Reguardless, I was at Rite Aid and they were on special for $.99 each.  I figured it would be the perfect time to pick some up and see how I like the formula and what colors i like on me, and which ones I don't.  I bought Pinkerbell, 24 Carrot Gold, and my favorite- Dollhouse Pink.  Sure enough, they did go on VERY dry, but that's perfect because i'm not a huge fan of matte on my lips.  So i pair it with either a lipbalm like Burt's Bee's or a clear, nude, or similar color on top.  I'm on a tight budget right now as you all know, and I'm having fun playing around with products, colors, and ideas but just don't want to spend money on expensive stuff until i'm sure i like the look.  For $.99 (I think they were originally $1.99), you can't beat them.  They're very pigmented and long lasting, I look at it as neat because you can chose whether to leave it matte, pair it with a gloss for super shine, or just make it shiny/non-matte with a lip balm.  The world of LIP CREATIVITY is in your hands!! For a dollar!
--Pinkerbell-- How cute is this name, right? This color is too cute also. It's a bright melon pink, it reminds me of O.P.I.'s strawberry margarita nailpolish, actually!
--24 Carrot gold-- This one is in the orange/red category opposed to the other two.  I would have to describe it as a bright reddish orange with a coral tint to it.
--Dollhouse pink-- This is a light light pastel/purple pink.  It reminds me of Nicky Minaj's MAC collection lipstick.  This color pink is such a popular lip color this Spring/Summer and i'm in love!


I saw these at Target for $3 each (I'm almost positive!).  I figured "why not?"  Well now I know why I shouldn't have, haha.  No i'm just kidding, I really think that these could be loved by some people, I just don't know how I feel about them! I got 3 of them in the shades Pewter, Eggplant, and then I don't know what the third one is because I lost the box that it came in-- and check it out-- they don't put the name of the shade on the actual jar itself---grr! Anyways, ELF packaging is always fairly cute, the only complaints I have with the packaging are the jar is deep and I have long nails.  When I put my finger in there for the product the product gets all under my nails and it's gross, I hate it! Even worse part, a brush doesn't help.  When I try to use a brush with this shadow it transfers the product very little, it's pointless. They're not mousse-y-like you'd they they'd be.  I don't know really how to explain how it feels-- it's hard and thin, but it's still a cream.  I must say that they're very well pigmented.  It's so hard to blend without your fingers because it has a crease and streak-like tendency.  Getting the cream in your eyeshadow brush is more of a hassle than it's worth!  I feel like i'd need to try it a few more times but on top of all the negatives, they did seem to wear off fairly fast.  A few times after really working them in and mixing some shadow I got a very pretty but very dramatic eye (not what i'm going for in the morning).  So maybe this is great for a night out or a sexy eye.  But Anyhow, I've used them about 4 times, I think i love them, then I hate them.  They're $3, try one out, see how you like it and please leave a comment I'd love to hear!
--Pewter- Dark silver/gray color.  Of course it's beautiful, If rubbed in and distributed correctly, it could create an awesome smokey eye!
--Eggplant- The name explains it all, its a dark purple, very dramatic and pretty.  For me, it doesn't work well.  It gives off a smudge-like finish on my eyes and my eyes are too small for that.
--"the mystery shade" because i lost the freaking box.-- THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE BUT THE MOST DIFFICULT.  It's a golden shimmery shade with a bit of frost and i love it for a highlight and especially for under the brow bone.  It has to rubbed in SO well, I think the frosty finish makes it complicated.  This one is the most high maitenence for sure.


I was unsure at first and now I use this product almost daily, I basically feel naked without it! First of all this was only $3 at Rite Aid.I have really thin brows, but have always wanted them that way because i'm totally not with oscar the grouch eyebrows.  However, i want thicker, very defined, and higher arched brows so what better idea then to shade them in? The few times I attempted shading my brows in in the past has been with brown eyeliner, it always turned out way too dramatic and I didn't like it.  This is my first brow kit, so I have nothing to really compare it to.  There's a wax, a light brown shadow,  a dark brown shadow, a mini angled brush, and a mini set of tweezers for any random little hairs! It's definitely a cute and handy kit.  Although the brush is far from good quality, the shape works great and I use it everytime.  The angle that the brush has makes it easier to fill in your brows, that's for sure.  I only use the lighter brown when shading in my eyebrows, sometimes I use the wax before to get my brows to lay.  All in all, I finally like my eyebrows and I love this set although I'm sure there are better products out there.  I plan on getting a few different brow kits, trying them all, and writing reviews.. Let me know if you'd be interested in that!
**If your new to shading in your eyebrows, it is nerve wracking.  It's very different and takes a little while to get used to.  Focus on lightly going over your brows (filling then in and FOLLOWING THEM) while dramatizing the arch, or perfecting whatever feature it is you don't like.  Use a q-tip dipped in a little bit of make up remover or water and just dab up any mistakes.



I got this palette at Rite Aid for $4.99 because it was spoken of a lot on Youtube by beauty gurus as a great inexpensive palette.  I loved the shades in the Comfort Zone palette.  Out of all the Wet'n'Wild eyeshadow sets/quads/singles, this seemed the most practical.  However, once I got home and started using it I realized and remembered I usually stray away from bronze and brown's on my eyes, partially because my skin is bronzed and my hair is brown.  I played around with the colors and really began to love the green, gold, and gray for a smokey eye it really brought out my brown eyes.  These palettes/shadows break so easily! It takes the smallest thump and they will shatter.  I had mine in my makeup bag for a few days and I wasn't very rough on it at all.  When i went to get it out, one of the shadows had broken.  A few days after that it was in my drawer and I guess it "shifted" considering it was in a bin of makeup and now almost all of the shades are basically destroyed.  It was expected, because I've heard of this happening, and actually witnessed it happen on Youtube (ciaoobellla, i love her! lol).  The color icon eyeshadows are known for having great pigment for so cheap.  Of course the brush that comes with it is a piece of crap.  So all in all, for how inexpensive these are they're great.  Not only do they have amazing pigment, but you get a great variety of color for the price. I use an eyeshadow primer underneath them (my Urban Decay shadow potion) which helps them stay longer.

I believe I got this for $2.99 at Rite Aid.  I really got into blush this year, I got this to try out not only the product, but the shade, it's gorgeous.  It's a pink-ish/coral-ish shade.  I was really skeptical at first to try it in fear of it not lasting or it the creamy-ness to cause a breakout.  I've only tried it a few times and it's been over my primer, concealer, and foundation but it seems to last wonderfully.  I hate having to reapply anything to my face other then powder and MAYBE bronzer throughout the day.  I want my makeup to go on and stay on unless I take it off! I didn't notice any breaking out from this what so ever.  I'm not sure this is a complaint or not, but one thing I must say about this stuff is once you apply it, it's hard to blend because it really sticks.  I guess you could say it's thick (not quite sure that's the word) but not heavy.  The few times I've applied it and it's been too harsh I just blended it with my compact powder and it looked wonderfully.  Right when you apply it to your cheeks get it blended as fast as possible!

*L.A. COLORS PRESSED POWDER in beige and nude*
I'd first of like to do a few cartwheels and tell you that these were only $2 or $3 at Dollar General.  I figured you couldn't beat the price, if anything I could use them for a REVIEW, contouring or maybe doing someones makeup, i don't know ANYTHING! First of all this powder is not cakey, and doesn't provide much coverage.  I would say it lasts about 3-4 hours before needing to be reapplied.  I has been compared to MAC's blotting powder and has been repped as a MAC MSF natural duplicate.  I even heard that some people use the Nude powder as eyeshadow because it reminds them of MAC's Creme Brule.  People claim to use nude as their powder and tan as a contour.  I even heard that l.a. colors' tan is a close dupe to MAC's Emote.  I've read everywhere that this makes a great setting powder, then i've also read that it caused some people to have extra oily skin.  It comes with the most pitiful sponge, it feels like sandpaper.  The packaging sucks because it's cheap- it's pure lightweight plastic that's waiting to break.  Their shade cocoa claims to be a great contour and/or bronzer.  Again, L.A. Colors pressed powder is light weight with sheer to medium coverage and no cakey feel!
So, will you be trying it out? 

I hate giving negative reviews on makeup, I really do.  I'll try them 1,000 times in misery just to find some kind of benefit of the doubt.  I'm not even going down that road with this product.  It was $1 at Dollar General and now i see why.  I bought it because I wanted to do reviews on inexpensive makeup, because i KNOW there is some out there that is great, not this one! I wore this foundation 3-4x and got the hint pretty quick, I HATE IT! One good thing, is it smells fragrant, i like that.  I hate how it left this residue or film feeling on my face.  In foundations I look for medium to full coverage and this didn't cover anything while it also somehow made it look like i was wearing a pound of makeup at the same time.  It left a really oily finish on my face, and my face isn't oily.  I felt like i was wearing paint on my face all day when wearing this foundation!


Feel free to leave any of your favorite $5 or less beauty faves in the comment box below :) xoCraft Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog Directory

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