Monday, May 7, 2012


I can't rave enough about the ideas and the inspiration coming at me from all directions.,,, various blogs, and stumble upon have been my websites of choice over the past few months and I can't believe all of the stuff i've learned, tried, loved, and experimented with thank you to the wonderful ideas! I'll be posting so much more than i used to, I know I've said this a few times, but I feel I've stayed true to my word except for my fitness section.  I've been so happy lately! Although there's a lot of unfortunate events and situations going around me I feel like i'm at the peak of good living! I feel strong, happy, and ready to change for change.  This is the time of year last year that Ally and I were hanging out everyday, I feel nostalgic, But happy nostalgia.  I'm dreading the 26-28 of May (the death anniversary/finding/everything).  Who knows though? I may get through it fine.  I'm praying for my Grandpa who was diagnosed with esophagus cancer on my 22nd birthday (April 27th-- I know, I forgot to post).  I'm praying for my father who is facing his own battles and having to get surgery on his neck soon (whenever it's not delayed).  I'm praying for a few close friends who are going through really really really devastating and unfair times, but like mine- they will pull through.  When i say prayers, I mean blessings... I wish I could be more religious, but i'm not.  I consider myself spiritual, maybe even spiritually 'open'.
I've been painting and crafting almost daily, I will be posting my artwork and DIY/tutorials that i tried, loved or hated.  I've been doing my hair/makeup in new ways for more tutorials rather than my usual daily-chillin-in-sweats.  I'm ready to open up completely to this blog and give it my whole heart and soul. I'll be posting a lot more of my personal life and fun things I go and do.  I've been branching out and trying all sorts of new products so I'll be doing more reviews.  I'm even cooking amazing meals, and have branched out on some new recipes that I'll make sure to post. I'll continue to bring you all along for all my hair dying treatments so that everyone knows EXACTLY what I've done to my hair so you can learn with me! And, I'm going to be getting ready for Summer at the gym and eating fresh, I'll make sure to share all my weightloss tips and tools with you! I will be posting almost 24/7, it's my goal! So sorry for all the rambling, but I'm excited about life and feeling this way.  I feel on top of the world for the most part, although I have my occasional 'not long' breakdowns.  I'm ready to LIVE.
And of course, I'm trying to get my blog out there as much as possible.  If you have any friends that would enjoy it, please please please share! I'm putting my link on blogs everywhere in hopes of finding new readers/ letting new readers find me! I don't want to be hidden on page 58 of google! Help me out please :)! Sharing my blogs with google, facebook, twitter, friends, etc. it all helps! If you like a post feel free to pin it, to all my pin-aholics! I love you all!

VS PINK has an iphone app, In that app they just added a photo-editor which is where i edited this photo! Check it out, I love it! (I have an Iphone 4)

I didn't even second-read this post-- typed it, hit publish! 
I wanna get away, I wanna FLYYYY away, A year ago, literally.

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  1. Can't wait to see more posts from you <3

    1. Chantel (i love your name), you made my day, knowing someone is on the other side actually reading really makes me happy and inspired to continue posting <3 xoxo
      feel free to share any ideas with me anytime!
      xoxo Lj