Monday, May 7, 2012

Starting to question so many relationships i have with people, between friendships and more than friendships.  I'm guilty of being overly sensitive, taking things too far personal, and struggling here and there with self esteem.  It's hard when you feel you have nobody that you can really tell everything to.  That would be Alison for me now, I still tell her everything, but she can't reply back. Why? because of a selfish thief who thought it was okay to take someone so special from so many lives.
I'm really trying to live by.......
" Is this worth it? In 5 years will this matter?" and of course, "If you can't live by the month, live by the week, if you can't live by the day, live by the hour, if you can't live by the minute, live by the second".  Thanks to my friends Tony C and Marybeth, those are things they've both told me that have truely stuck and helped me through some rough times.  Knowing and understanding it's in your mind is the best way to cope.  Believing that I have control over my thoughts, my views, and quite honestly-- my situation.
I absolutely love this website, the articles inspire me to be a better person.  I'm not really religious, but I am slowly developing spirituality and belief.  The articles help me open my eyes to better ways of coping and living. Check out the website and the articles, really, it's awesome!

Just a short rant...from a few days ago.. I may add on later.
Live love and Laugh-- stay true and be YOU.
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