Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SEEING RED part 3: My current medium intense red hair color

Hey guys,
I've been receiving so many questions asking about how the Manic Panic has stayed in my hair and what not.  I was a dummy and meant to post a month ago that i dyed my hair! As you all know i love love love red hair.  Alison, my dear friend who passed, is my inspiration FOR red hair.  I did a lot a lot a lot of research because red is a truly tricky color.  I know Ally used the SPLAT hair dye that you can buy at the drugstore, and i'm pretty sure she used the bleach first (she went from dark brown to red like BAM!).  Her color looked amazing, i'm really scared of bleach.  Why am i scared of bleach? Damage and orange, rust-like results.  There are so many different shades of red that you can achieve.  I feel I haven't really gotten what i want but at the same time i don't know what i want.  I want Ariel-red hair, but at the same time, I don't think it'll be flattering on me.  Unfortunately, Red fades like crazy, every time i wash my hair I watch my red-goodness go down the drain little by little.  Being a "dyed" redhead takes a lot of maintenence.  I do not intend on keeping my hair red for too much longer.  With summer coming i'm scared that the sun will fade the red a lot and i will end up over dying my hair (leading to damage) and I won't be happy with the results for long because the sun will most likely continue to fade the color.  I am currently going back and forth with it.... My indecisive self will come to a conclusion sooner or later.
If you've read my other posts "seeing red" you know what I've already done to my hair, i've used intense red dyes from the drugstore as well as manic panic and beyond the zone temporary shocking red dyes.  I loved the overall color result (after using all of them over a period of time) but a month ago I needed to touch up the roots and the overall color, so here's what i did:
I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and bought a 20 developer by ION brilliance for sensitive scalp along with Ion brilliance color creme in medium intense red.  I mixed them together (1:1 parts ratio) in my color bowl specifically for hair color that i also purchased from sally's.  I applied it all over my hair and let it sit for 45 minutes, I even applied some heat from my hair dryer a few times(2-3x)  in 5 minute increments.  I was somewhat disappointed in the color only because i feel like it made my hair a darker shade of brown but with a DEFINITE red glow.  
I'm really happy with my color, however, I'd still like for it to be more red.  I don't want it to be so red that it washes me out though.  I plan on probably dying my hair a soft black tone when i'm ready to nix the red.  One of my favorite youtube beauty gurus went from Ariel red to Garnier soft black and it mixed well.  We'll see! Let me know any ideas you have for my hair!
My hair is dark brown/red but the tint is BRIGHT RED

My current color with Chi Chi

Geez that was not a nice outfit (lounging)
Let me know if you have any questions
Live laugh love RED HAIR and don't care!
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  1. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. You are so sweet and I love the colour of your hair. Very pretty.