Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MY new shades from Essie

Hey guys!

I will be filming a haul for my trip to CVS (At the bottom of this post is where you can find more information on my "up and coming" youtube channel)... Where i bought some new beauty goodies! (Bronzers, blushes, powder compact, foundation, NAIL POLISHES, ETC.) But for the most exciting of the haul-- that would be my 6 new shades from ESSIE.  From  what i know, all 6 of the Essie shades are from their spring/summer 2012 collections. I picked up Navigate her, Lights, Camera, Bazooka, No more film, and A cut above.  I cannot even express how excited I was to rush home and swatch these out for you guys! I'm an Essie-aholic and my collection of Essie polishes is now so much larger then what I started off with this year.  I can't wait to add even more to my collection.  Right below are swatches of all the Essie shades for Spring and Summer.
Here they are. (Above) From left to right.
Bazooka, Camera, Lights, A cut above, Navigate her, and No more film.
CAMERA by Essie.  This shade is awesome, it is from Essie's POPPYRAZZI collection. I feel that i couldn't capture the color on camera quite right.  I would describe this as the color melon.

LIGHTS by Essie.  This is from Essie's POPPYRAZZI collection.  This is a beautiful and bright pink.  It reminds me so much of Strawberry Margarita by OPI, an older shade I used to have!

BAZOOKA by Essie.  This is a bright orange.  It is from Essie's POPPYRAZZI collection 2012. I'm sorry for the foot shot! I had already perfected by nails with Navigate her when I realized I hadn't swatched this color (DUH!) and so I did it on my toes.  I love this color, it's so bright and vibrant.

This is the color that stayed! NAVIGATE HER by Essie.   This is from their SPRING 2012 line/collection.  I love love love green shades, Especially this one.  It's very pastel like.
  (I cannot remember/find the collection for the life of me- but i'm almost positive the line itself was called NAVIGATE HER) IF YOU KNOW WHAT LINE THIS COLOR IS FROM PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW BELOW IN THE COMMENT BOX :)

I'm doing this color next! This is NO MORE FILM by Essie.   This is from Essie's RESORT COLLECTION for 2012. (I have a link and talked a bit about the set of all 4 polishes from the collection at the bottom of my SINFUL COLORS NEON MELON POST) It's a dark royal purple.  Sorry for the messy-ness.  I swatched these out really quick, i was so so so excited! i LOVE this color!

Last, but FAR from least is A CUT ABOVE by Essie It is from Essie's LUX EFFECTS line. It's a glitter-y top coat that i love! It claims to be "multi dimensional" on the bottle, which it is, i guess. The glitter sparkles are pink (my favorite color) but what makes this glitter coat awesome is how chunky the glitter is.  Milani nail collection has chunky glitter shades also!

Okay, this looks so sloppy but I was just experimenting with color.  If you use  Lights, A cut from above, and  your choice of Bazooka or Camera you can create this gradient-sunset-like look.m  I love the idea! All you would do is paint the bottom half of your nail beds with Essie's Camera or Bazooka, paint the top half of your nail beds with Essie's Lights, then paint the tip only with Essie's Lux effects, A cut from above.


I can't rave enough about the colors i got.  I love love love Essie nailpolishes.  They are for sale at select beauty stores, CVS, Walgreens (most of them), some Rite Aids even carry them now.  I'm in the process of searching for legit websites to order OPI, China Glaze, Essie, Nicole by OPI, etc. at a discounted price but not jacked up with ridiculous shipping, I will let you all know as soon as I find those websites.  As you know, on my page I have some links on my page for discounted beauty sites, I would not have those up if i didn't stand behind them so i always recommend you looking around on those sites.  I love Essie's formula, the polish goes on smooth, the color is pigmented (you don't need a billion shades), it is shiny when it dries, and long lasting.  All around heaven in a bottle, just like OPI.  I give ESSIE NAIL POLISHES 5/5 stars any day and every day. 
 If you'd like me to do a post on my whole Essie collection, please let me know!

I'm also letting you all know that I do have a facebook fan page now, Please please please log into your account and like it.  I'll keep my facebook updated-- My facebook fan page will consist of special posts and information that you can only see there, I'll also be posting updates of every new blog post that i post on my fan page! Great way to keep yourself updated with Lauren Jay news! Again, I LOVE YOU ALL!

What's coming for LIVE LAUGH LOVE???
* Revlon nail art- break up (Wait till you see this awesome-ness in a duo bottle!)
* Shopping Steals && Deals (A whole section will be dedicated!!)
* PIXI special edition TINKERBELL products "Pixi glow" (PIXI sold exclusively at Target & online)
* Youtube beauty gurus i can't get enough of
* My favorite iphone apps!
*More and more beauty product reviews!

As always,
it's L.Jay.
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