Thursday, May 10, 2012

My nails: Sinful colors neon melon

I needed something to brighten up my cloudy day yesterday.  Sinful Colors' neon melon would've done that, If i didn't have to continue to apply coat after coat to get the desired pigment. :( I literally had to apply 6 coats to achieve the pigment I was hoping for-- BRIGHT YELLOW, but of course, it dried matte and dull just like I had suspicions of.  I don't want to blame the entire Sinful colors line, however, I do blame their "neon" polish formula.  I also had a neon pink color by Sinful colors called 24/7 -- it dried up very fast in the bottle (it is completely un-usable now), it also required multiple coats on top of coats, and left a matte finish just like this one.  I hate matte finish in neon colors because I feel they look best shiny!! If a product is going to dry with a matte finish- i wish companies would tell us! The Neon Melon polish did dry very fast in-between coats, which was a bonus. It was only $1.99 and i got neon yellowish colored nails for a few days just like I had wanted, but i only give this product 2/5 stars! I really hate the matte finish that the Sinful colors neon collection leaves behind---but here's a little solution. To fix it you could throw on a topcoat or even a glitter with a good formula! I attempted to take some pictures and do some nail swatches so you can see what the results were

$1.99 at WALGREEN'S OR RITE AID.  Sometimes they even have specials where they're 99 cents each, or Buy 1 get 1 half off!

* I have used glitter shades by Sinful and loved them, I think the matte dull finish is only a part of their neon shades.  I plan on buying another shade to test it out, i'll make sure to do a review ASAP!

Sinful Colors NEON MELON


Neon Melon, only 1 coat- Look at how sheer it is!

SINFUL COLORS neon melon after 6 coats (no topcoat yet!)

SINFUL COLORS NEON MELON after 6 coats + 1 coat of Sally Hansen Insta dry top coat.

$1.99's a deal, but spending an hour doing 6 coats of polish... I don't know how nice of a deal that was.
Overall Rating = **/***** = 2/5 stars
Great price 5/5 - You can't beat $1.99
Formula 2/5 - Like i said dull, requires many coats.  I did like how fast it dries.
Brush 3.5/5 - Not too thin, Not too thick - I prefer a wide brush.
Longevity 4/5 - It has stayed on wonderfully (probably because i had to do 6 coats plus a top coat!)
Packaging 3/5 - a bit of a OPI/China Glaze nail polish bottle knock off.

L Jay

Also, please check out this adorable nail polish cube, the perfect mothers day gift for ANY mother-- It makes a great birthday gift too if you have any friends with Birthdays coming up! I know a lot of people buy things like this and will even open it and split them up for gift bags or small gifts! But you know who deserves it more than anyone? YOU! :)
Resort 4 Pc Nail Polish Cube

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  1. You have such nice long nails!. I bight mine and they are so thin :-/ I remember you gave me the sinful colors when we last hung out!. I love having colored nails but my hands have a tremor so its hard to paint them! you should def paint mine : :)

  2. I remember that! Well, i'm sure you could fix that problem, let your nails grow a little bit, file them on the reg to kieep them healthy and pretty. There are polishes to help every problem there is with nails (growth, shine, vitamin treatments, gels, ridge fillers, etc.) Practice makes perfect when it comes to painting your nails, i used to shake like crazy.. :) But yes, i'll do your nails sometime! :) xoxo Ljay

  3. paint it over 1-2 coats of white nail polish as a base and you won't need more than 1-2 coats. in fact, all neons generally need a white base to really show off their pigment. hope this helps. i loove that polish but only over white. good luck!