Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial weekend in L jays shoes! *updated & fixed post*

L O V E.... i love.
Hey everyone!
What's up? I know this is a fun weekend for vacations, drinking, and ... memorial day.  I had a really chill weekend at the house.  I've been stressed with some family issues.  I spent time relaxing, taking baths, reading, doing my nails, tried some new awesome makeup ideas that i plan on filming tutorials on and managed to re-"up" my room, it looks awesome!  I now have a little "desk" setup so that painting, blogging, nails, writing, art, everything really-- is easier.
With this being the anniversary weekend that Alison passed last year, I went to see her grave, again, i felt so great there... so free and at peace.. with her again, only temporarily though.  I'm really sick of ANYONE telling me to "let it go" or "move on" .. find your friend murdered and see how you like being told to move on.  Whatever, ignorance is bliss in this situation.  Truly.
I really want to start doing posts every night before bed with a "recap" of my day.  I tend to forget that the small things (posts that is) do matter-- and people do enjoy reading about my random go-abouts.
But i do have a question-- why do we love things that are so bad for us? Everything from bad foods, bad relationships, not working out when it only does positive and other things similar.. I just don't get it.
I woke up at 4:30 AM this morning and have not gone back to sleep since, I will be doing so as soon as I finish this post.  I'm so ready for a fresh week ahead of me.  I have stopped journaling so much and I don't think that's a good thing.  Journaling helps me write everything out and really get in touch with my emotions and feelings.  I used to journal for hours a day.. I know that's a bit extreme but I knew how i felt, and better knew what i wanted.. I definitely plan on starting a NEW JOURNAL and writing my little fingers away! It's very much so needed.  I just feel like a new journal gives you a fresh start into your "new life"
I've come up with 15 ideas for posts, so hopefully i'll be productive and type all those up for you to give you some exciting news this week.

So what'd you do for memorials? Sorry for the boring post, I'll be back to life soon enough!

Here are some pictures from my lovely 3 day weekend: 
I cooked this dinner this weekend for my Mother and I.  If you'd like the recipe feel free to ask, it's really easy. Yummy!
NAIL SWATCH ALERT!! This is Essie's PLAYDATE with just a nail art jeweled flower i had laying around.
I love love love SUSHI! This was the biggest treat of the weekend, YUM!
My mom put together this "summer-like" center piece for our kitchen table.  I love it, so beautiful and creative!
You all know i'm not a big drinker-- I tried this with my Sushi, it was a little bit too "dark" and "heavy" for my taste, but it was good.  I'll stick with my Diet Pepsi next time :)
Look at my 3 girls, :) This picture is too cute.  Left to Right: Layla, Scout, ChiChi.
MY CURRENT NAILS: SWATCH: Sally Hansen's Xtreme wear in Bubblegum Pink and Essie's LUX EFFECTS in  A cut above.  I love love love this, so cute!
My "luxurious" Monday bubblebath! One a week keeps the stress away!
I went to go see my beloved Ally, It was so peaceful.  I miss her everyday and love her so dearly!
As you all (hopefully) know by now: Layla is the biggest pig EVER.  There were a few pieces of dog food at the bottom of the dogs water bowl, Layla dove in face first to try and get them.  What a trip!
My friend Kaitlyn shared this adorable craft idea with me (I believe it came from Pinterest) What a cute idea? I think I know who i'll be making one of these for ;) (besides myself!)
I am very proud of my HUGE & still growing... Nail polish collection!
The great part of still living at home: Weekend breakfasts from momma! This was DEL-IC-IOUS! mmm...


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