Sunday, April 8, 2012


I'd like a few minutes to complain... I re-died my hair this Monday with Manic panic Vampire Red hair dye (what was left of it), and N'RAGE in Crimson Red on the little bit of bottom hair that was left that didn't get died with the Vampire Red.  It is now Sunday, my hair looks horrible! The beautiful 'red' has now turned into a brassier shade of brass.  I take into huge consideration here that I experimented with semi-permanent hair color, I also take into consideration that i've only washed my hair 4 times since Monday, and why is none of the fresh color there? I'm really disappointed with the way my color rinsed out in 4 washes/6 days.
Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with semi-permanent dyes and don't know exactly what to expect as far as how long color typically lasts.  Within about 5 more washes I expect all the Vampire Red to be out of my hair for the most part.  Leaving my color whatever the boxed "permanent" colors have left it.... "a brassy red" because red is the fastest fading hair color ever!
ALL IN ALL, I feel like the MANIC PANIC and N'RAGE semi permanent hair dyes could've lasted longer in my hair.  I think that for it to run as much as it did, and fade as quick as it did-- that's weak (lol).  For halloween, I think these colors would be great , they'd only stay in for a few weeks.  For how big of a mess the hair dye makes, I'd like to not have to dye it every week.  All in all, I wasn't really all too happy with the products, but not sadly disappointed either.  I understand that the hair colors were semi-permanent but I still think that they could've lasted longer.  TOO MUCH MESS FOR GOOD.

I love her red, but want it to go away whenever I'm ready.  When i say go away- Not in a week!  ... Like a month!

* I've watched a few of *N GUERRIERO19* 's videos on youtube. <<The link will send you to her channel. Watch her videos on dying her hair red.  I love her shade of red, and she's used professional hair color, which I've had this whole time.  Using permanent hair dye was my second choice, but now it's my first because I know how little semi-permanent hair dye stays in.  It was my second choice because as you probably know SEMI PERMAMENT HAIR DYE washes out after a small amount of washes.  Semi permanent hair dye cannot lighten hair, only darken because they do not contain ammonia or peroxide.  Permanent colors however, deposit color.  Permanent hair color contains peroxide and ammonia, which can damage the hair UNLIKE semi-permanent hair color.  Going for the least damaging and safest bet was my top priority during the GOING RED process.

N'RAGE **/***** STARS - 2/5 STARS
MANIC PANIC ***/***** - 3/5 STARS

As always, in memory of my favorite redhead, Allison Ballan Jurich, Rest in peace girl, you're so missed <3
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