Monday, April 23, 2012

Ljay's nails

I really enjoyed my French tips. With only 1 touch up, it lasted 4 days. About.  I also never used a clear coat which I know would've helped, I couldn't because all of my clear coats are either slimy or almost dried up (the messed up top coats are Sally hansens insta dry top coat). My 2 favorite top coats are nowhere to be found. I bought a great topcoat that dries fast from sally's beauty (I can't remember what it's called-- something like RUSH) and then the other bottle I have is by barielles and it's amazing as well. Whatever. They'll show up, but until then l guess my polish will come off quickly. Hey, just another excuse to paint my nails everyday. ;). 
So enough with my rambling, today I n inspiration of lil Debbie (of the white girl mob-- not the cakes lol) I decided to paint my nails one color and paint the ring fingers a different color. I used Essie's Cool azure and Essie's turquoise and Caicos on the left ring finger. I love the colors for the spring/summer. I love almost any shade of blue. Sea-foam/pastel green is also a favorite, however, I prefer the sea foam green in Justin bieber's line of polish by Nicole OPI. I prefer it because I love the "one stroke brush" and the shade is much more pigmented. Essie's turquoise and Caicos requires multiple coats in order to get that shade your looking for (or maybe just the shade I'm looking for. Which is not sheer). I love the cool azure because I used to have to mix colors in order to get that color. I used to paint my nails with Essie's mezmorize and then do a pearl coat by OPI on top of that and it would give me a gorgeous color similar to Essie's cool azure. Anyways that's it folks!

Here are some pictures of my nails, the supplies, and the process:
I keep those nail polish remover pads in my purse, they were a quick buy at the dollar store.  They do the trick however, I always have to wash my hands after because it leaves this oil on my nails and hands. And yes, I painted my nails in Taco Bell.

Turquoise and Caicos & Cool Azure Essie nailpolish + LA COLORS nail polish removing pads = these nails baby! 
Grandma's ring, Studded hobo purse, a mix of me + lil debbie inspiration on my nails.


** P.S. I'd like to add that I did this to my nails on Saturday morning, I'm already re-doing them tonight.  I really enjoyed them and got compliments on the color but I saw so many cool ideas on Pinterest today that I had to take it off and try something new! I will post that asap!**
**I'd also like to let you all know (If you haven't been able to tell) that I will be doing nail posts multiple times weekly.  I'll be posting all my nail swatches, I always keep my nails polished and I'll be sharing pictures of my nail art, swatches, and ideas on a regular basis as well as posting about up and coming nail lines**

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