Monday, April 23, 2012

diy bronzer---

Okay, so anyone that knows me well, knows that i LOVE LOVE LOVE tanning, i love achieving that Summer glow all year round.  I'm always trying new bronzers and after browsing the internet today I learned how to make your own bronzer at home with things you have laying in your pantry! 

Lets go...

What you need:
*Cocoa or cinnamon powder
*Powdered sugar or baby powder
*An old compact or an old mineral sifting jar. (In the picture below, that would be a mineral sifting jar, that website specializes in selling empty containers!)

What to do:
Mix the ingredients little by little until you reach the shade of bronzer that you desire to match your skin.  Adding more cocoa or cinnamon to darken, more sugar or baby powder to lighten.  After you achieve the shade desired put it in your sifting jar or compact and WALAHHH! You have your own bronzer!

Now that is beautifully-bronzed.

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