Sunday, March 18, 2012

What's on my to - do list this week?

I find this extremely boring but I know everyone likes to take a look inside my personal life, here are my plans for this week:

*Tanning bed everyday
*Deep "spring cleaning" session (vacumming, dusting, windex, go behind furnitures and clean the wall boards)
*Workout everyday (it's been a while) I plan to start with 15 minutes cardio tomorrow, then 20 minutes on Tuesday then from Wednesday to Sunday boost up to 30 minutes but take 1 day off.  I also plan to incorporate basic toning on all muscle groups daily (about 20 minutes).---- I CAN'T WAIT ...
*I plan on trying to do yoga 3x this week (P.M.)
*Find new tv shows/movies/documentaires to watch and ACTUALLY watch them
*fill out job applications
*film, edit, post my first youtube video!
*Post on here atleast 5x this week
*Do a little "makeover" to my blog's appearance!
*Walk Chi Chi everyday!

I'm not going to give up on the things I want!

Love you all, wish me luck
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