Friday, March 23, 2012

Things that make me smile today :)

I love these colors- this makes me want to paint right now.

I need to fix the pole in my room- pole aerobics is AMAZING exercise -- DO NOT understimate how much fun it is.. and how challenging it can be-- i love it!

I love Kandee Johnson's videos, she's an amazing make up artist and recommend you checking her out on youtube, i feel I've learned a lot from her!

I love Portugal... again.

I dont know why i chose this video out of all of her
videos, but i'm subscribed to her channel as well as
I want to do this to my nails soon :)!

Things to do this week:
*Continue searching for a part time job
*schedule tours with all cosmetology schools
*film + edit youtube videos- POST!
*research research research- theres always things i need to know or cool ideas for me to post about
*Deep spring cleaning-- in the nooks and crannies and corners, with a vaccuum :O( eeek, it's going to be gross- i'm a slob in ways!
*DIE HAIR (the semi permanent will be too worn out for my taste by then :\)
*Exchange a few clothes i got for different sizes
*Figure out what the hell to do with my bank account until i start getting a regular income, so stressful- now this monthly fee! Ugh!
*blog everyday

Also, i'm wondering- are you interested in outfit of the day and shopping hauls? I typically base my blog on more "beauty" then "fashion" but i do love fashion and i'd love to incorporate it more! Always up for suggestions, please leave any ideas, comments, or tips!
I also would love tips for youtube!! I'm really nervous... obviously, that's why it's taken so long to film!
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