Sunday, March 18, 2012

style inspiration

Fashion is such a beautiful thing, it truely is art... All of the pictures below reflect my style sense :) 

I love the casuality in the jeans but how dressy the top is.  I love the glitter, i love anything eye catching, and nothing beats a pair of comfy but stylish jeans! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE AND LIVE FOR little jackets like she's wearing :) 
THIS IS ME. The leggings, the band shirt, the sweater, the tan, the hair color, the nails.  I love wearing leggings and a band tee, everyone knows this!

LOVE a cute belt to dress up a solid color tee and cute and comfy pair of jeans!

I love her outfit!! I love the handbag and the inifinity scarf and the look of everything else  (i'm pretty sure she's wearing yoga pants which are a personal fave!)

I love wearing and making cut up tees!

LOVE THIS LOOK, i love wearing slouchy shirts and i love love love denim shorts!

I love cute workout clothing! Under armour and Nike are my faves!

JUST ANOTHER CUT UP BAND TEE, IRON MAIDEN TO BE PARTICULAR. I have like... 4 iron maiden cut up tees :)

Love the shorts + long sweater.

I love hoochie shorts, band tees, and a bad ass pair of shades~ get it girl!

i love you Rihanna! Love the leopard print and her blouse (and like i always say - her gorgeous hair!)

I love denim shorts in the Summer with a good tan!

I'm a huge fan of crop tops (when i feel skinny)

My "around the house" or "hanging with the BF" outfit, i swear! I love knee high socks, they're my sexy trademark!!
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Live and Love, Roll a jay....
L Jay 
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