Monday, March 19, 2012

Seeing red part 2 (becoming a redhead one 'dye' at a time)

Today i'm bored and I need a change so what better than to die my hair and attempt to make it even more red? I've already test streaked N'Rage semi permanent color in Crimson Red and Manic Panic's semi permanent Vampire Red, Vampire Red does more to my hair then the Crimson Red (Yes, i only suggest using Crimson Red on light hair or bleached hair- it barely left a tint in my hair!)....I don't want to bleach my hair, I know i will eventually but I'm not ready to do that yet! So i'm choosing to use the VAMPIRE RED BY MANIC PANIC (semi-permanent) on my unbleached medium-brown-red-tinted hair...

Here is what my hair looks like before:

warning: red hair dye makes more mess than anything else in the world!

Supplies needed for the least mess possible and the best results:

*Saran wrap (optional) I wrap my bathroom counter so that the dye just comes off on that and not the counter, Alcohol and other cleaning products get the dye up if you clean it within 10 minutes or so!
*Manic Panic semi permanent hair dye in Vampire Red

* a deep conditioning treatment for afterwards: I'm using ION REPAIR SOLUTIONS EFFECTIVE CARE TREATMENT PACKET but you can also use a deep conditioner or even the tubes of conditioner they give you in hair dye kits!
* Sallys Beauty supply hair dying supplies : dye mixer bowl and hair dye brush (They're like $2 each)

* bag to cover your head with (or a shower cap if your less ghetto ;) )
* Hair clips to pin hair up with (if they're light colored prepare for the hair dye to ruin them!) They have very inexpensive clips at Sally's!
* GLOVES GLOVES GLOVES or you'll look like a murderer after! I went ahead and bought a box of 100 from Sally's Beauty for $10, I can use gloves for many of my messy-artsy activities!
* Towels that you don't care about! (a few for putting on your shoulders, for after rinsing out, and for cleaning up messes)
*an old t-shirt-- i'm wearing an ex-boyfriends sucky band shirt i could care less what happens to it!
** one last thing i forgot, vaseline or barrier cream is great for putting on your skin to avoid staining! **

1) Saran wrap your counter or have cleaner out to immediately wipe it down afterwards...Pour some of the hair dye into a bowl (optional) i didn't want to be sticking my wide "dying brush" into the jar because the brush is wider then the jar.. I like to keep things as "mess free as possible"

2) Divide hair into sections (i do 3 for mine, my hair is fine, if you're hair is thick you'll need to do more sections).  I use the end of my "dying brush" to section off hair.  I don't even get a comb involved because i know it'll just be ruined, i'm planning on washing the brush after i'm done anyways! (They're only like $2 at Sally's you should get some!!)

3) apply barrier cream, lotion, petrolium jelly, or vaseline around hairline and ears (even arms and inbetween fingers if you'd like) to avoid staining from hair dye! --- i couldn't really do it this time, all i had was lotion which didn't work wonders.. i had to wipe up the mess with alcohol after :\
4) I did one section at a time, i really put my hands in the bowl and got handfuls of the dye and worked it in.  I made sure to split hair up in all different parts and directions to make sure that i got the hair dye anywhere (it's really easy to miss spots) I made sure to lather a lot on the ends of hair.  Make sure to get the roots and close to the hair line, the brush is great for doing that.  When i got to the top sectioned off part of my hair i then divided that into 3, i made sure to work the dye into the hair while slicked back, holding the hair down to the side of my hair, and holding the hair vertically up so that i missed NOTHING!
5) After getting all the sections, i even took my hair down from all the clips and then massaged the dye in further -- again, it looks really bad when you miss with red hair dye! i twirled my hair, massaged my hair, combed through it with my fingers, etc. -- all sorts of motions to really soak the dye into your locks.
6) It took me about 20 minutes to get the hair dye in.  Once I did feel confident about getting it through all my hair, i wrapped my head with a plastic bag and secured it with clips to avoid any kind of dripping or rubbing on clothing or carpet! I did get a lot on my skin (but i didn't have barrier cream and this is blood red hair dye) I tried my best to remove it with rubbing alcohol.
7) For me personally, I plan on letting it sit in around an hour. To chose how long you'd like yours to sit in, visit the testimonials, look at my results and the other results to figure out what you want and what you'll need to do to achieve that.
*I finished applying it at 3:30, I let it sit in until 4:00
*At 4:00 I carefully removed the bag and applied heat from my hair dyer on it for 15 minutes, I kept my hair in the clips during the heat application process and just waved the hair dryer around like I would any day that i dry my hair.
*at 4:15 i put the ION conditioning treatment in my hair (and i mean i SOAKED my hair with it) i let the dye and conditioning treatment sit for 15 more minutes without the bag. (i applied heat for a minute 2-3 times, really out of excitement lol)
** 4:30 -- time to rinse!! ... Get in the shower or stick your head in the sink or bathtub and let the cold water run through it until the water runs clear.  Once the water is running clear massage your fingers (wear gloves if you'd like) through the hair until your sure all the color is out.  I even used conditioner AGAIN during the rinse.  I towel dryed my hair (use an old towel) and then applied my usual volumizing cream and silkening cream, then i dryed my hair like i normally do with my hair dryer!

I swear it's more red in person, i've tried taking pictures in every light possible and it's just not doing justice :(... My hair is dark red and very vibrant red under light!
You can't even tell i dyed my hair in this pic but ~ oh hayyy ~
The red tint you see is the color of my whole head.
You can barely see the red in this picture, but you can see a bit of the tint at the top!

I'm guessing this is what your hair turns out like with the vampire red on bleached or lightened hair.  I absolutely love this red but i'm not bold enough to do it.  I'm italian and greek.  I have dark eyes, dark eyebrows and olive skin.  This looks Great on Marybeth with her green and light skin.. Just not sure I could pull of that bright of a red, but I love it and of course it always reminds me of Ally's "red" shade of hair!

Here are some places you can buy manic panic hair dye: (online or in stores)
HOT TOPIC (online or in stores)
AMAZON (very overpriced here)
SALLYS BEAUTY (i got mine in their store)

Here is the website with peoples' personal experiences with the haircolor

And as always in memory of my favorite redhead, Rest in Peace ALLISON BALLAN JURICH, you are missed doll <3
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