Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm a lazy bum.

I'm a lazy bum, I feel horrible! I haven't been posting about anything and I apologize! I haven't been exercising and have put on about 5 pounds and in addition i've been doing a lot of late night "sour-patch-snacking" but I've also been doing well by cooking a lot of healthy meals meaning i eat 3 meals a day it's just eating the sweets at night that sabotage my diet.
So I am promising myself to change- from now on i'm working out I don't care if it's for 15 minutes or for an hour, i'll also continue to cook my healthy meals (and i'll post the recipes because they're all healthy, easy, and delicious!).  I'm also going to get the show on the road with finding a job (i've got to get out of the house) and find a school to start by the end of the year! Let's get it poppin!

Things i will be doing (although i've been bullshitting about some of them forever now):
*Making youtube videos 3 times a week minimum
*Posting atleast once daily
*Doing 3-4 reviews per week
*Posting a lot more of my arts, crafts, and paintings.
*Reading more
*Taking and posting more pictures
*Keeping you updated on my day to day life and adventures in everything from cooking, drives with friends, shopping, hair cuts/dyes, makeup and nail tutorials, t-shirt cutting tutorials (i wear all cut-up old t's now)
*tours of my room and special features: What's in my jewelry box? What's in my nail polish bin? What's under my sink in my bathroom?-------I think it's weird but people love watching them and i've gotten requests, so i'll give it a shot!
*My journey through picking the right school for me!
*Lots of shopping "hauls" ---- You guys love them...
*I will be posting a lot more about beauty... Everything from how to dye hair, how to protect color,great color and moisture treatments, how to cut hair, and more! I'll make sure to put tutorials up of my favorite things that i've learned
*Also i'm not positive but i'm thinking about posting more about my day to day life , I've become a somewhat private person about certain areas of my life-- I think i'm going to try and see how it goes when I start writing, Let me know if you have any suggestions about things you'd like to hear about
*I also need to give this blog a face-lift but i'm somewhat of a newbie on editing on Blogger (or any other blogging platforms) I need to spend a day watching tutorials on "templates" and how to make things lookc ertiain ways, check out widgets one by one and arrange them in a neater way on my page... So be ready to see a whole new page soon! With more of a "Lauren" vibe to it 
*Also be ready for much more Lauren Jay because i'll be posing videos, tutorials, have merchandise, etc.

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