Monday, February 20, 2012

Red hair, and i don't care.

seeing red:

I've been dying to do something different to my hair.  I had blonde hair until i turned 18, and have now been back to my natural brunette (variating with different shades) for 3 years now!  I'm not a big fan of trying new hair cuts, I just don't ever like them.  I refuse to go back blonde, so all I had left to do was experiment with some color and i went for red! I love it! 
First I dyed my hair with Garnier Nutrisse's R2 Medium intense Auburn, i did streaks of it at first and then washed it out.  Although I loved the color red that the dye produced (really bright, like crayola crayon red), I didn't like it mixed with the shade of brown my hair was.  Anyhow, it left me with no option but to finish my whole head, and I did.  Overall I loved it, but I missed a lot of spots so I went over it with a more subtle hair dye, I used Clairol's Nice N Easy in 30R Cherry Creme Dark Auburn.  I love my hair, but I STILL FEEL like i need a kick of red.  I'm going to give it a while to rest (the last color i put on it was on Friday 2/17).  I'll probably do another dye later on this week, but settled for a "KOOL-AID RINSE" today.  
Kool Aid is supposed to give you a kick of TEMPORARY color without the harsh chemicals in the boxed hair dye.  So if you'd like to try it yourself at home, Here's how...
bowl, 2-4 packets of kool aid in the flavor of your choice, brush or other tool for applying to your hair (gloves if you'd like to use your hands), conditioner, LOTS of time that you don't mind having sticky, unmanageable hair.
Empty your kool aid packets into a bowl, add conditioner so that the ratio mixes well (it's pretty easy to eye out),
Mix the mixture in the bowl until it's smooth without any bumps, Once mixture is stirred to perfection apply it evenly to desired areas of hair and let it sit anywhere from 2-8 hours.  A great idea is to cover your head with saran wrap to avoid the dye getting on pillows (if your letting it sit overnight) or if your doing it to your kid it's a great idea to avoid them putting their hands through the dye and staining things.---The main goal is to keep it on your head as long as you can. 2 hours works if that's what has to work.  Wash it out with shampoo and conditioner until the water turns clear! 
******* Try at your own risk ;) ************
I will continue to update you with all my hair insanities!
By the way, I trim and usually cut my own hair!
Love to you all, Especially all you lucky girls with the hair I want, who are usually the ones who wish they had my hair.  Oh, We're in a world of "the grass is greener on the other side".  <3 
xoxo L. Jay

I'd also like to give a shoutout to my favorite redhead that i'll never forget--- ALLISON BALLAN <3 I loved your hair red! It has inspired me so much! R.I.P. girly, I miss you so much! 

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  1. You would look beauitful with any color, keep it long thouggh I love you with long hair. I've tried black, red, platnium blonde and orange. I prefer dark now with my hair. Try out temporay color just in case you don't like how it comes out!

  2. Niqqa stfu i have a boyfriend named Edqar cx