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Getting to know Kreayshawn & the rest of the white girl mob

I love Kreayshawn, I'm obsessed.  I love the White Girl Mob-- Kreayshawn, V-nasty, and Lil Debbie.  
Why? I don't really know EXACTLY why.  I do know it's the rhymes she spits, her style, her individuality and how unique she is, her lifestyle, her thoughts, her words, and everything else combined.  Most of the appeal comes from the fact that Kreay lives her life through smoking and the arts, just like I do! 
 I love Lil Debbie just as much as I love Kreayshawn.  Marybeth and I have started our own "WHITE GIRL MOB" and we kind of spin off the original White Girl Mob.  MB looks so much like Lil Debbie that hands down she is miss. debbie, I am Kreayshawn, our friend Kate is V-Nasty.  The fact that Kreayshawn and Lil debbie are in their early 20's as well, I feel it allows us to bond better and understand the music and the lifestyle.

Lil Debbie and Kreayshawn in the "Gucci Gucci" video.
Lil Debbie, Kreayshawn, and V-nasty
Lil Debbie :)

"Kreayshawn" (Natassia Gail Zolot) was born September of 1989 in San Francisco, California.  The name "Kreayshawn" came from the word "creation".  Kreayshawn is known for rapping and directing music videos.  When she turned 10 years old she then moved to Oakland, California where she then grew up and still raps about it being her hometown today.  Her mother, Elkra Zolot, is a former member of the all-girl band "The Trashwomen".  Kreayshawn got her first video camera when she was 10 years old and started recording her own raps, later on in teen-hood she got a video camera and began recording music videos for friends.  Her videos were seen by a dean at Berkeley Digital Film Institute where she then attended with a full scholarship for 2 semesters before moving to Los Angeles to pursue her music and video career. 
In search for collaborations, Kreayshawn then became "Kreayshawn" and put together the "White Girl Mob" with 2 of her friends Vanessa Reece also known as "V-Nasty" and Jordan Capozzi better known as "Little debbie or L1l D3bb13".  (Which by the way since November 2011 Lil Debbie is no longer a part of The White Girl Mob).   Kreayshawn's first mixtape was released in 2010 and is called "kitty x choppas".  Kreayshawn also released her first music video i 2010 called, "Bumpin Bumpin".  In May 2011, "Gucci Gucci" was released and caught 3,000,000,000 views on youtube in the first three weeks.  Out of all the record deals begging for Kreayshawn, Columbia got her! The reason why Kreayshawn ended up choosing, and is so passionate about Columbia, is that she has the most control/power over her music and has hinted at being able to express more creativity through them.  In 2011, Kreayshawn directed a video for The Red Hot Chili Peppers that ended up being re-shot and wasn't used.  She has also produced videos for Beme, Tha General, Krisstaxx, Lil B, Novaboy, The Brother-hood, Dread, Ka'ra Kersey, and rumored Soulja Boy (or maybe Soulja Boy was Lil Debbie).
I'm not one to listen to rumors but here they are (all i hear is BLAH BLAH BLAH)..... Her music can be considered "an exploitation to black culture".  Rappers such as The Game, Rick Ross, and Nicky Minaj have all had their "beef" and disagreements with the girls and their use of the n-word as well as rumors that they've talked garbage about a few of the rappers.  Rick Ross made an ass of himself at the VMA's, The Game and Nicky Minaj call Kreayshawn out in their songs.  
I'm sorry--- i'll speak up and say screw that, Rappers use the n-word and talk about all sorts of horrible things in their songs.  Who are they to point their fingers at anyone else for their choice of words or phrases?? I'd prefer not to be called a motherf***** or a cracker, but you don't listen?

Kreayshawn's Bumpin Bumpin music video.

I really liked this interview

The first interview I ever saw with Lil Debbie

Lil Debbie, again.

V-nasty rappin at all you barbie bitches!


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