Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beauty Haul

I went to rite aid on Thursday and went "cray". I needed tons of new beauty products and was feeling adventurous. I ended up getting multiple of everything I needed (ex - concealer: I ended up getting 3 instead of one due to lack of plan and organization.). Although there are a few things I need and didn't get either because they didn't have it, didn't have it in my shade, or I forgot it. Overall I'm really happy with everything I got. I'll also be doing a post on other products that you can find at a drug store that are my favorites.

HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! I finally found a concealer that I LOVE.  I really love how it's on a stick, and the Medium blend is absolutely PERFECT for my skin tone.  The stick gives great coverage (however, i do use the Maybelline's age rewind roller *listed below* in addition).  I always lean towards Almay products because they're hypoallergenic.  As you all know i suffer from horrible breakouts-- Not only do I need high coverage but I also need products that don't cause breakouts in the first place.  I don't use the acne medication attatched because I go to the dermatologist and am prescribed an acne treatment called "clindamycin" already.  But, anyways it works wonders, i would recommend it to anybody with troubled skin or even clear skin! The only tiny downfall with this product is the smell (I think it's the acne medication) I give this 2-in-1 deal a 9/10 stars! 

LOREAL Magic Smooth Souffle blush in - 842 Cherubic
I'm not one to give beauty products a bad review because i see light in all of them.  I have to say I was disappointed considering i love Loreal's products (They're made by Lancome!!).  The color is a little bit too strong for my liking (that was poor choice on my part though).  The blush is made of "mousse" which I'm skeptical about, i feel like the mousse has to cause breakouts for some reason so i've been a little bit hesitant towards using it as much as the Physican's Formula PH blush (listed below).  I feel like the mousse doesn't stay on as long because it's a creamy base, i feel like it kind of just wipes right off.  I've come to the conclusion that I don't think mousse is for me! My friend Ally (who passed away and i miss so much- RIP baby) used mousse foundations and blushs and loved them, she was also breakout free and in her 30's.  I believe mousse is just a hit or miss thing- you like it or you dont... and i don't think i do :) lol - I give this
6/10 stars!
Covergirl Clean oil control pressed powder in - 535 Medium Light... Limited Edition 
BOOOOOO! I don't know if i need to try a different applicator sponge or what but this powder does not do anything for my skin- it doesn't even anything out and it doesn't cover any blemishes or red spots.  I will be blunt and say that the main reason why I bought this is because of the cool 50th anniversary packaging it came in ... i'm an animal print-whore so it made me lean towards buying this product.  I don't know what it is but i never like Cover Girl products, I officially give up on them as of now.  I even JUST NOW tried to apply the powder with a different sponge (the one it comes with is so coarse, rough, and crappy) but again, it did nothing.  I'm not sure how it'd work for somebody with another skin type, if you have really smooth and red-free skin then by all means try it and comment below about how you liked it :). Sad to say, this was a waste of $10 :( I give this product a 3/10 stars!

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind--- Primer (skin transformer)
Screw spending $36 on Smashbox's photofinish primer, because now you can pick this up from Rite Aid for ONLY $10!! You can buy almost 4 of these and spend the same amount on one tube of Smashbox's primer! I promise you will love this stuff! It goes on just like silk and you only need a pea-drop it goes a long way.  This primer not only hides perfections but it helps your makeup stay on for hours on end.  I am so happy I took a chance and bought this!!! now get off your butt, go to the store and buy yourself a tube now!
I give this 10/10 stars!
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser in - 30 Medium
I absolutely hands down love this concealer.  I went to Rite Aid to pick this up in particular because i saw it on a youtube video and thought it gave xciaobellax great coverage.  I love the coverage that it provides my acne with, how long it lasts, and i love how the top of the applicator is a sponge.  I put this over my trouble spots (in addition to almay 2-in-1 concealer stick) and under my eyes.  This is a great concealer for excellent coverage and it stays on for hours!! I give this a 9/10 stars!
Macadamia Healing Oil Hair Treatment
I'm not sure what made me get this, i am already in a "make your hair feel like silk" committed relationship with BED HEAD'S after party however, i guess Marybeth used her powers to convince me to buy it- THIS OIL IS TO DIE FOR! (Bed Head's after party still wins but After party is more of a cream this is an oil!) You can sleep with a lot on your hair and use it as a treatment, OR you can use a pea-drop amount to distribute into hair that's dry and distressed during your day to day styling routine.  The bottle is only 1 fl. oz and goes for about $18 (I actually bought this right after Rite Aid, at a Lowe's Foods).  The bottle will go a long way considering you only need a tiny amount for it to work wonders, Out of all the oils i have tried- I think this stuff is the best.  Marybeth said it's even better then her WEN hair-care!! I give this a good ol
10/10 stars!
Mineral Wear Talc-Free Loose Powder in - SAND BEIGE
I ended up buying this on impulse.  My friend Marybeth uses a loose cover girl powder to set her foundation and she always a flawless finish.  When i bought this, i was hoping for the same.  Although it does blend and perfect my makeup once i apply, it doesn't provide as much coverage as i'd hoped for.  I would recommend this powder to anybody who doesn't have acne problems or redness, but if you do have one of the two I would go for a different powder that gives you more coverage! MB has used this powder a few times that she has been over and for her skin type it has worked wonders, but for me --not so much!  It's great, just not heavy duty enough! I'll give it 7/10 stars!
A big selection of nailpolishes that i brough to Marybeth's house. :) A lot of these are new shades  :)

NYC Smooth & Natural Matte Powder Foundation in - 733U METRO TAN
You're probably thinking exactly the same thing i thought-- "Uh this is cheap ... breakouts, no coverage.. what a waste of $5" Well, You're WRONG! I don't know WHY i bought this but i guess my gut was right because this stuff is amazing! Out of all the powders i've tried recently this is the best! I love the coverage it gives, i put it over my concealer and foundation and it blends everything so perfectly.  It really gives my skin the flawless touch it needs! Once i put this final layer on top of all of my makeup the redness from my skin is gone like magic! I recommend spending $5 on Nyc's matte powder any day! I give this cheap and thrilling deal a 9/10 stars!
Physicians Formula Matchmaker Ph Powdered Blush in - NATURAL
10/10 stars! This stuff is the bomb! I absolutely love love love this blush.  I never wore blush much before- i've always stuck to bronzers but i've been trying blush lately and out of all the brands and shades of tried this is by far my favorite- hands down.  I love the lights that light up inside the compact when you open it, i love the shade it leaves on my cheeks and it lasts for hours and hours!
Prestige Lipsticks in (Left to right) Chocolate Silk, Radiant Coral, and Pink Diamond.
I'm not going to lie, the packaging on the lipstick has made me want to try it for a long time.  The other day when i went to Rite Aid i settled for 3 out of the many cute shades.  As you all probably know from my pictures, I don't wear lipstick a lot! I'm starting to venture out with different make-up looks and i'm starting to be more adventurous and want to try lipsticks.  The chocolate silk is a dark brown, the radiant coral is a coral shade but not as bright and coral-like as I had hoped for (i still love it though!), and the pink diamond is a very light and frosty pink.  All of the shades are great, the formula of the lipstick is awesome, i love the way it makes your lips feel oposed to other lipsticks.  I'm not really sure how long the lipstick stays on your lips, although i've worn it out and re-applied I didn't pay too much attention to how long it stayed before I had to re-apply! I will definitely say that i like the RIMMEL brand (purple tube) a little bit more then the prestige.  I give this 8/10 stars!
Revlon ColorStay Blemish Concealer in Medium
I haven't really used this product as much as i have the other cover up's that i bought.  The few times I have used it, i have really liked the coverage that it provides however I think the other concealers i got are better.. I do notice that this concealer stays on for a long time, but I think that it could provide better coverage then it states it does.  7/10 stars!

LOREAL Voluminous False Lashes Mascara in 275 (black)
I think I officially found my new favorite mascara, ladies and gents! I absolutely love the effect it gives my lashes. It adds to length and thickness and once i'm done applying i feel like my lashes are so full that it looks like i have fake eyelashes on! I love it, this is beyond worth $8! I give this 10/10 stars!
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