Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday To Do's

Last night i barely got any sleep.. although i had a to-do list with infinite chores, i knew at 3 A.M. that some of them would have to be delayed to Wednesday.  I saw friends, I did art, I listened to music, and i got a LOT of cleaning done.  The things I really need to get done are for this blog though.  I've been putting off recording myself doing exercises and toning sequences due to my HORRID cold.  I've also been putting off doing the Youtube tutorials that i've been planning on starting in the new year, due to my cold.  I can't wait for this to be over so i can exercise and youtube my butt off!

Although this is just beautiful and i'm sure everybody sees it that way, this inspires me to paint, to draw, to pick, to glue, haha i love this! 

I laid in bed and read an amazing issue of Cosmopolitan.  Where i learned a few things, as always.  Sometimes I wonder if the stuff they write is true or not.. But anyhow, this issue was good it had a lot of stuff I happened to be interested in.
**Why do i sometimes feel tired after i eat?
Blame starchy carbs for your food coma.  Carbohydrates like sugary desserts and pastas release serotonin.  Serotonin released makes you feel relaxed and sometimes sleepy.  Sometimes it also happens if you consume too much.  Food digesting can drain you of energy.
**100 men voted that the sexiest Sunday outfit is -- yoga pants and a tank :)!
**Couldn't make it to the gym? Or instead of doing a long cardio session at the gym daily, try ocassionally just doing 5-15 minutes of really good cardio around the house a few times daily such as sprinting up and down your block, jumping jacks, running up and down your stairs, going on a run with your dog then coming home and busting out jumping jacks, crunches, pushups, and planks repeatedly for 5 minutes.

Everyday i find a quote that kind of gets me by.  Something that i feel i can relate to.  I pick a new one out daily, because i feel new emotions daily.  This was my quote of the day.  I love Audrey, she's my girl :)

And of course, all day i listened to music.  The usual Florence and the Machine, Dubstep by Borgore and Skrillex, Lady Gaga, Madonna in her earlier days, and so on.  I've also branched out to a few new bands/groups that my friends have shown me this past week-- Die Antwood and Max Normal-TV which i showed on yesterdays blog.  But also-- The Dodo's, Enya (who i've heard of; and know), Maga Bo, and Portugal the Man (more then the basics i had known before)I can't even explain how weird Die Antwood and Max Normal-TV is to me.  I plan to do a "cool and random" post about them next.

And last but not least, of course a sick girl like me would lay in bed and watch TV shows that nobody my age would watch.  I LOVE watching Tv shows from when i was younger (well, lately-- not always).  I've been watching a few episodes from each series and it's been not only a trip down memory lane but HILARIOUS seeing the humor i used to love vs. the humor i find funny now.  It's also funny to watch some of these shows now that i'm older because i get the hidden humor that i didn't always get before.

Yeah, i watched Clueless, it was hilarious.  I used to love Clueless when i was in elementary school.  I was technically way too young for it, it even came on past my bed time if i'm remembering correctly.  I barely understood it, but just thought it was so cool and wanted to be just like Cher.  Watching it now is so funny because it's so corny, unrealistic, and 90's.  I wouldn't be caught dead in the outfits their wearing.  Anyways, it was a trip.  Check it out- there are free episodes all over the place online.  (1channel, projectTV, etc)

   Lizzie Mcguire used to be my favorite show EVER.  One time I faked sick at school one Summer (I grew up going to Year Round schools, I went to school part of the summer) so that i could stay home and watch an all-day marathon.  I watched one episode, and couldn't make myself watch another.  It was SO corny.  Of course i was only around 8-10 years old while I watched it so of course it's okay.  I even remembered so many of the episodes listed... i even remembered what was going to happen and it made it easy to pick out the episode.  Let's just say i was a very "Loyal-Lizzie-Fan".

Yes, i grew the strength and courage to watch it! HAHA! I haven't watched this show since the second time i tried to watch it as a young girl.  This show used to scare me so much (although, everything did that had a tad of spooky in it).  The episode i watched was about this kid that gets a job at a place with this pinball machine, the owner tells him not to mess with and he does.  He ends up getting sucked into the game forever.. According to my brother (the new expert -- he's a 90's nostalgia freak as well) it's the only are you afraid of the dark episode that ends with the main character... not okay or saved, haha! That was a trip to watch, and not as scary as i remembered!

Anyhow, i'm going to get some things done, get my posts prepared.. stay tuned, more later tonight :)
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