Monday, January 30, 2012

Picks of the weekend and today!

These are my favorite picks from over the weekend through today.
My weekend was pretty dull.  Today I had a really rough time... I felt stuck remenessing on old times.  It really sucks when you think about things in the past that weren't good for you, and remember all the good times rather then all of the fears and the dangers.  Adventure is something i crave, except i feel like i crave negative adventure.  My adventures are far too adventurous.  I am strong, I won't give up, I'm gonna keep on rollin, keep on breathing, keep on smiling, keep on living.  Nothing's going to stop me!  

Okay, to start off on a light note.  I thought these were hilarious.................

I decided i really want pink hair like her (maybe even more of a "hot pink" color).  I'd really  like a sleeve tattoo as well... But I won't do it ever, because i'm such a chicken :)
Not only do i love this ladies "mermaid waves" i love the light pastel "easter egg" pink :)
Yes, i love you Lindsay Lohan.  Although you're most likely on your way to court... i love your hair-- the thickness, the color, the length, the blow-out waves.... and the Raybans! Rock it girl!

I've always known that I am  head over heels in love with Rihanna.  Lately i've been seeing the cutest pictures of her ever.  Not only is her style absolutely unique.  It's also chic and fashionably feminine with a funky streak.  I feel like she is not only an amazing artist to me but a hero and role model for women.  I've been through an abusive relationship, i know how hard it is.  Her strength and beauty captivates me.  She is so lovely...

This week during my "pinning" and "hearting" session I found myself looking at a lot of different varations of photography.  I really want to get a better camera, learn how to take better picutres, and learn more about photo editing.  I absolutely want to take a picture so similar to the fewe below... Let me know if you have any suggestions, ideas, or have done a similar project!

I found this picture on google after typing "black chihuahua".  This picture reminds me so much of Chi-Chi it's out of this world.  The similarities in the face, color, and body is fascinating.  I feel it's so rare to see a black chihuahua, when I do, excuse me for getting ultra excited.

The photo above ALSO inspires me to draw.  I'd love to one day be able to draw a portrait of my chihuahua, that would be a huge accomplishment.  Here are a few other art inspirations i've come across....

Oh  my gosh, I never realized how funny KING OF QUEENS is until this week.I'm a fan of having my TV on all night, TV LAND is always a safe, innocent bet to not wake up in the middle of the night to something scary.  Check this show out, give it a chance... If you don't think it's funny you probably have a lame sense of humor! Here's the link to one page:  WATCH KING OF QUEENS HERE :)

I absolutely love these quotes.  As i've mentioned before, finding a quote in a book is such an amazing feeling.  I don't know why.  I feel like the main reason why i feel this way is because when you see a quote online, you alreayd know it's a "quote" when you find one in a book however, it's YOU that found it, YOU made it that quote!  (Am I crazy?)

So throughout this crazy year, i somehow missed that one of my favorite musicians released a new album.  Florence and the Macine is the most incredible band i've heard in... I don't know how long.  Florence's bittersweet melodies and her absolutely jaw dropping voice had me memorized from the beginning.  Here are a few picks of mine off their second album.
This is Florence's Song, "Only if for a night" 

This is my favorite (so far, i believe) It's Florence and the Machine - No Light, No Light.

XOXOX i love you all XOXOX
Marybeth, Chi Chi, and I went on walks almost everyday this week! They were all so much fun! <3
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