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My personal favorite healthy recipes

Here are some QUICK recipes for easy and healthy meal planning.  These are all healthy recipes that are balanced in calories, fat, and carbs.  As i said earlier, eating 3 meals a day is crucial to keeping weight off.  These are my most commonly cooked meals and my favorites!! Hope you enjoy, and don't think i'm too boring.  I still enjoy macaroni and cheese, Wendys hamburgers, and Chinese takeout... a few times a week and i don't eat all of it.

Lauren's Stir Fry
shrimp or chicken, garlic salt, olive oil, cooking spray, boil in bag brown rice (made by success, uncle bens makes boil in a bag rice as well), fresh peppers (the colors are up to you, the more colorful---the better), onions, steam in a bag brocoli or fresh brocolli prepared your favorite way (boiled or sauteed in olive oil only)
*Put stove top on med/high heat, drizzle olive oil and cooking spray.  Chop up onions and peppers and let the cook in the pan while you prepare your chicken or shrimp.  It takes veggies longer to cook, if you like yours soft like i do... have them cooking while you prep your meat.
*Prepare chicken or shrimp as prefered. If making shrimp, peel.  If making chicken, chop into small pieces. Add to the peppers and onions on the stovetop.
*cook boil in a bag brown rice, prepare as instructed on box.
*Put steam-fresh brocoli in the microwave (prepare as directed on bag)
--- Finally, your chicken with sauteed vegetables should be ready, your steam fresh vegetables, and your rice.  Combine them in a big bowl.  And you have your meal!  I eat the leftovers for days.  If you prefer to use sauce-- go for it!  Soy sauce is great and so is texas pete honey mustard.  If you go to your foreign section in the grocery store, there is often a wide variety of asian sauces.  Check out the calories and fat in the sauces.  I recommend using something under 45 calories and 4 grams of fat per serving for this dish.

Once my toning exercises started showing.  I felt so confident
in my own skin.  And, don't cut off all fun to diet! Still allow
yourself to have a few *moderate* drinking nights a week!
(try and minimize the snacking that comes with it though, ;) )

L.Jay's Alfredo
shrimp or chicken, whole grain pasta, classico sauce (sun dried tomato or alfredo), steamfresh bag of veggies (chose your prefererence, not a huge brocoli fan? add a side salad instead of veggies directly into the pasta), garlic salt, olive oil, pesto (optional).
* Boil water as you usually do and begin preparing pasta as instructed on box.
* Put stove top on medium/high heat drizzled with a small amount of olive oil and cooking spray.
* Cut up chicken, or peel shrimp.  Sprinkle garlic salt and a small amount of olive oil on top and add to the saucepan on med/high heat
* Once pasta has been cooking for a few minutes put the steamfresh bag in the microwave.

Check on all things cooking regularly.
Once the pasta is done boiling, pour in a bowl.  One the chicken is done cooking, add to bowl.  
Once the brocolli is done cooking, add that into the mixture as well.
I recommend using the sauce per serving.  Sauce left on leftovers ruins them in my opinion.  I also think that it's much easier to watch portion control when adding the recommended serving size (usually 1/4-1/2 cup) to each serving individually.

L.Jay's veggie salad
Ingredients: spinach, iceberg lettuce, canned or fresh olives of your choice, feta cheese, chickpeas, yellow/green peppers, carrots, cucumbers, light salad dressing of your choice or balsamic vinagrette.
cut, combine, mix, eat!!! ( add the dressing to each individual salad, not whole!)

Here's one of the pictures my exboyfriend put up of me on facebook.
Instead of crying in a corner, i'm happy to say i look trimmed and fit!

L.Jay's mexican fiesta salad
Corn (canned is fine but rinse with water in a strainer to get rid of excess salt, steamfresh bag of corn), canned beans (your choice, i personally love the southwestern mix), lettuce, fresh peppers, cucumbers, chicken, spinach.

cut, combine, mix, eat!!

After a nice session on the elliptical! Gettiing ready to do some pole-aerobics
I usually do it about twice a week for 30 minutes, sometimes longer because it's
SO funny!

L.Jay's A.M. veggie bagel
Toast an everything bagel to your liking.
use 1/3 less fat philadelphia chive and onion creamcheese (2 tablespoons)
lettuce, cucumbers, and green peppers.
4 slices of thin turkey deli meat (98% fat free)

L.Jay's breakfast bagel
Toast an everything bagel to your perfection.
Crack an egg into a small bowl lightly sprayed with cooking spray. with a fork scramble the egg, put it in the microwave (covered with saran wrap) for 1 minute.  Put it on your everything bagel and put a piece of american cheddar cheese (made with 2% milk).  Oh, and if you're like me, don't hold the ketchup.

a goofy picture i took with my friends.
this was over the summer when i first started
toning in addition to cardio!!

Lauren sandwich 
(similar to the turkey breast sandwich at panera, with a few healthier mods -- no mayo, wg bread, and toasted)
Toast 2 slices of whole grain bread.  Spread spicy mustard.  Place turkey breast, onion, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, and eat...... NOM NOM NOM YUMMY :)Craft Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog Directory

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