Monday, January 16, 2012

my exercise plan, now yours!

cardio + toning = perfection.

Paris Hilton at "PINK IRON", an adorably pink gym in Hollywood. (Pics below)

Marisa Miller: Best body ever! This is what we're aiming for!

Pink Iron gym, Hollywood.

There are so many options for cardio.  The best thing to do is try all of them and find out which ones work best for you.  I get 30 minutes of cardio a day along with my toning routine.  If your just now starting cardio and it's hard for you, that's okay.  Go for as low as 10 minutes for 4 days and work yourself up 3-5 minutes more every 3-5 days until you get up to 30 minutes a day.  Make sure to use resistance and incline... Not using those is horrible for your joints.  I love using the elliptical which i do level 2-3 and when i actually use one with the ability to incline i do use it but mine at home doesn't, the treadmill, do a cardio workout dvd or class, go on walks with Chi Chi and will jog for a few minutes then walk a few minutes and so on.  You can get cardio from other activites too such as swimming, hiking, running, kickboxing classes, aerobics, workout classes with cardio routines..etc, cycling classes, biking, basketball, other sports, etc.  It's all up to you, as long as you work your way up and do it everyday.  Switching it up is always good!

Here's a pink elliptical that I DON'T have, but I
would love to have it if it was more advanced and updated.
AH, I love everything PINK!

** Do this at your own risk, this is simply what I do, what i've been taught, 
and what I believe. **


There are so many rules and restrictions to weight lifting.  I've learned a little here and there and I somehow manage to get muscle and not get hurt.  I find it important to
* i typically spend about 30 minutes on toning, in addition to my cardio.  I try and split everything up equally (abs 10 mins, arms/back 10 mins, legs/buns 10 mins) or (day 1 -- abs 10 mins, arms 10 mins, back 10 mins)// (day 2 -- abs 10 mins, legs 10 mins, buns 10 mins)  --- I hope that made sense.
*I'm not against working the same muscle group everyday as long as you do different workouts everyday for variation.  However, I can understand not wanting to workout the same muscle group everyday.  (There is a rumor that in order to see results you have to let your muscles rest, that's why people alternate muscle groups every other day.)  If that's the case then switch it up Doing the upper body (arms,back,abs) and lower body (legs, butt, abs) alternated every other day.
* Abs are the one muscle (from what i've heard) that repair the fastest.  You can work them out everyday.
* I do 2 sets of 15-25 reps ---->> please do the same.
* How do you know what size weights/dumbells/resistance to use?
I typically use 5 ibs/8 ibs/ and 10 ibs (rarely 10).  If I can do more then 20 reps easily, i go up a weight.
*Doing reps over and over again (like over 25 per set) can be really harsh on your joints;;; according to my knowledge... DO NOT mess up your joints, mine have never been the same after cheerleading.
* I stretch constantly.  I stretch before i workout, i stretch during my toning workout, i stretch after cardio and after toning.  :) Nothing feels better then stretching out your muscles.  I love being as flexible as possible, stretching is the only way to achieve this.
* A great way to switch it up is to not always do your own toning routines everyday.  Maybe use equipment at the gym one day, then workout at your home the next day with simple dumbells and weightless exercises, then the next day you could go to the gym and take a pilates class.  That's such a good variety that if you were to do that on a regular basis, i couldn't' imagine how toned and slender you'd be!  By doing so many different exercises, but consistently.. you get muscle tone in every group possible.

So all in all-- 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of toning.  If I don't have time for both of them I usually chose to only do cardio.  It's acceptable for toning to be done every other day.

xoxo- live love and workout!!! xoxo

It's amazing how cute things can be,  Boxing looks even more appealing when in pink.

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  1. i do lots of cardio but not much toning :-/ i think this needs to be rectified!! x

  2. It really is just as important as cardio! I used to do the same thing though... you'll be AMAZED at the results..