Friday, January 13, 2012

music, hopes, etc.

Goodmorning world.
I overslept today, surprise surprise.  Ever since this cold started, my sleeping routine has turned into 14 hour sleep-good nights.  I haven't been able to workout, eat healthy (well i could...), or do youtube videos because my voice is GONE.  It's much better today, i may give the eliptical a try, as well as some weights-- But really, more than anything, i'm ready to start my youtube vids.

Lately i've been trying so hard to find new music- My grooveshark is filled with the same tunes i listened to repeatedly all throughout 2011, i'm ready for something new.  (besides crazy African rap)
SUGGESTIONS? please leave any of your favorite bands or artists or even songs under my comments!

This song is amazing, i just want to jump up and down and dance--- as well as, love life.

Okay so i found this song also, i kind of like it-- More of the singing, less of the rap.

Whenever i listen to drake i think of my ex boyfriend, i love how he tries to secretly dedicate all these songs to me on facebook, when really-- It's bullshit.  Drake doesn't put up nude pictures of his ex-girlfriend all over facebook.  Whatever, it is what it is.  I'm the new pornstar of NC, i suppose.  Thanks babe-- for all of your respect and maturity throughout all of this **sarcasm**

I hope today will bring me all the joy i could possibly ask for.  Yesterday sucked, Except for the fact that i hungout with Marybeth all day, it was just horrible.. The appointments got me in the worst mood possible...

BUT all you need is faith trust and pixie dust, it'll be a magical day 
Love you
Lauren Jay

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