Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lose weight with L.Jay-- Coming sooon!

I'm starting a new addition to my blog,
* Lose weight with L.Jay *
Here's an intro to what i have in store for all of you.  So pull up your itunes, make a good playlist add it to your ipod, pack a workout bag and put it in your car for when you get off of work, Put on your running shoes because i know that's my biggest workout motivator!!

This is me.  I'm going to take you through my daily exercises and meals and you'll lose weight before you know it :)!

We're all different. Eating habits and activity levels obviously effect our weight.  Not to mention or forget about-- genes, health, thyroid, and metabolism also come into play.  Ever since i was a little,little girl... i've always wanted to be tiny.  Though never overweight, i was always fairly small.  Once i got my period, started puberty, and began to hit my teenage years weight started piling on.  10 + pounds piled on my waist and stayed on my waist.  I was a very active middleschooler, i was a cheerleader.  I took dance classes and spent a lot of free time practicing dancing, cheering, riding roller blades, jumping on the trampoline, and tumbling in my backyard.  Yet, i was STILL so pudgy looking.  I just thought i was naturally born that way, but still decided to diet.  I ate healthy for the most part- except for the fact that i ate so much of the healthy food that the calories added up like  no other.  5 saltine crackers is a good snack, but i'd literally eat a whole roll.  Once that came to an end (with age and growing up i guess) I looked back and realized I had  been emotionally eating.  I had no perception of portion control.
Once I really began to want to lose weight, the internet became my resource.  Unfortunately, I didn't go to the best websites.  I was very interested in trying to throw up, when i did... i couldn't do it.  I tried starving myself, that didn't work either.  I always gave in and ate a shit ton at night time.
I got a job at 17 at Panera Bread and dropped about 7 pounds in a month.  I realized why.  I was moving around 40 hours a week at a fast pace, i was also eating very healthy foods.  The weight loss made me look AMAZING.  I got so many compliments and finally felt like i was hot.  I wanted to look like a Playboy Model, when i was chunky i was a size 8.  I knew i needed to get down to a size  3.  So from the lifestyle change of a full-time job i went down to a size 5.  That wasn't enough... I started throwing up all of my meals.  I finally began to feel in-control of my weight and my life.  Along with the weight loss came happiness.  Every pound i lost, added an inch to my smile.  After a while, i just couldn't throw up anymore, my esophagus was destroyed.  I went into panic mode.  I gained a few pounds in that week period and felt like dying.  I would force myself to throw up for so long that i was gagging about to gag up a lung.  I started throwing up blood.  I went to the emergency room and i was told i had a torn esophagus.  From then on, it was decided--- I just wouldn't be able to eat.  I allowed myself 300 calories a day, then reduced it unntil it got to 30 calories a day.  POUNDS DROPPED.  I went from 112 pounds to 78 at one point.  It was no longer a healthy goal, it was an obsession.  I remember once I ate an extra carrot and I couldn't stop crying.
After fainting, horrible circulation, counseling, and so much support.  I started eating again.  I was so confused- i went from eating a ton and throwing up, to not eating at all.  My concept of a "meal" or a "snack" was so messed up.  The best thing I did was go to a nutritionist.  Learning about how to eat healthy is an amazing way to stay lean and fit.  The more you know, the better choices you're able to make.  I finally learned portion control.  Instead of labeling foods as "good" or "bad" my nutritionist taught me what that cfertain food will do for my body.  She taught me how important it is to eat a ltitle bit of everything, that your body needs a complex variety of nutrition in order to be healthy.

PHOTO (LEFT): Me at one of my biggest times.  I blew up!

I can honestly say that I am a nutrition know-it-all.  I should be a nutritionist.  I think that if you know how to eat healthy... you'll be healthy.  So knowledge really is a key to staying lean and fit--- i will definitely be sharing knowledge, tips, workouts, diets, recipes, reviews, etc in my new section of the blog.

Eating healthy goes 50/50 or hand in hand with exercise.  I cannot stress enough how beneficial exercising has been to my body.  My muscle tone helps with burning more calories daily.  Exercising also helps because you release endorphin (a natural high.  aka-runner's high), endorphin create happiness, and happy people don't typically emotionally eat.  Working out 4x/week-daily has given me more confidence then i can ever say i've hadf.  Not only do i feel amazing naked, in clothes, in a bikini, but i feel good.  When i walk i feel strong andi hold my head high. You can see definition in my arms through most long sleeve shirts and in tank tops, i find it very attractive.  I have quad muscles.  My legs are toned and shapely and look healthy in shorts.  I'm proud of my body and find it very worth it to workout an hour a day (or even 4x a week) to feel this great..
I know this sounds hilarious but I promise it's so true... The less thought that i give towards losing weight, only eating healthy, restricting from sweets, and HAVING to workout and "dreading it".... the skinnier i get.  It all goes back to THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.  "What you think, you become".... I don't want to be fat = i want to be fat..  HOWEVER,   I want to be healthy = i want to be healthy.  Thinking positively from the start is the best way to go.  Instead of saying "I don't want to lose", the law of attraction says you should say "I want to win".So with that being said, I have to admit that instead of waking up int he morning and avoiding eating, and going through the day not allowing myself food, or any sweets; you've been craving sweets all day.  Later that night you get home and see cookies, your mind has been focused on food and wantig sweets for so long at this point that there's nothing to do BESIDES to go eat all the cookies.
Guess what my attitude is now??
* I'm skinny, I doubt i'll gain weight, Don't eat if your not hungry, eat slowly you fifll up, Stay busy and dont focus on anything food related.

What can I say, some people live to eat....
Some people eat to live. <3

One of my favorite ways to get fit! I've seen amazing results!!

So here's what you have to look foward to in this blog:
* workouts from all over the web (blogs, fitness magazines, workout videos)
* my personal workouts (personal videos/picture routines put together by yours truely :), me!)
* Recipes that are healthy and guilt free, and of course- my personal favorites.
* Diet tips / workout tips/ weight loss tips
* Workout clothing/shoe deals and personal favorites
* Different diets
* Lose weight with L.jay:: the beginners guide blog post will help you konw how much weight you need to lose, how long it will take, and food/fitness goals in order to achieve it.
*encouragement to "JUST DO IT"--NIKE!!!

Things you'll need:
Yoga Mat
3,5,8 ib weights.
running shoes
workout clothing
In addition, i also do things on: a fitness pole, and my elliptical.  Oh, and i go to the gym (which is recommended to you, by me :) Gym memberships!!!) You've GOT to have some kind of a place to do cardio regularly (that's available rain or shine!)Craft Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog Directory