Friday, January 27, 2012

Lauren Jay's fashion & style picks A-Z

I thought this would be fun, to do an alphabet with all of my favorite style/fashion/designers.. A-Z with everything from  prints, accessories, handbags, designers, styles of jeans, etc. that i love.  And some, i can't live without.  Try making one for yourself, it's a lot more complicated then it looks!

*Alexander Mcqueen (mainly a fan of his accessories)
*animal prints (especially leopard!)
*aviator sunglasses

*bandage skirts/dresses- hands down, love these.  They show off your curves and are so sexy to wear on a night out on the town or to a party.  I love figure fitting and flattering clothes.  I could wear these every night for the rest of my life.  I love wearing bandage dresses with a cute pair of pumps and maybe a sweater.  When i wear the bandage skirts, i wear a tank top or t-shirt tucked in, usually.  Eat your heart out Kim Kardashian!
*Bebe- i absolutely love Bebe, i could spend hours admiring on trying everything on in the store.  Just like Guess does, they remind me so much of Dolce and Gabbana.  
*Bejeweled accesorries
*Betsey Johnson EVERYTHING- i'm talking shoes, handbags, dresses, shoes, to sunglasses!
*Big Star denim --- FIT AMAZING!
*Bootcut jeans-- My absolute favorite fit.  Not as tight as skinny jeans but tight enough to tuck under boots or rock a sexy pair of heels with !
*BOOTS- I wear these 24/7!!

*Chanel - there's nothing like a classic Chanel pieces or any Chanel handbag !!
*Chunky/Cocktail rings and earrings-- the bigger the better!
*Crop top- i'm quite the pro at making these myself out of old shirts! I love these, so cute, so 80's, and so in!

*Denim SHORT shorts- Can't live without these in the summer!
*Dolce and Gabbana- i'm far from being able to afford it, but i can look at their designs for hours.. Sometimes i feel like the majority of the pieces i look at were seriously MADE me for me.  I bond so well with the designers taste.

* embroidered denim pockets- i'm a stickler when it comes to pockets on denim.  The reason why i'm such a big Mek and Miss Me fan is because of their perfectly unique and put together denim pockets.

*Faux Fur- I can't afford the real stuff, and I don't really want to wear it anyways... I love animals far too much to kill one for a jacket.
*"Free People" (sold at fine department stores and boutiques) tops and dresses.

*Glamorous- the look a lot of us ladies go for.. but what i'm always aiming for... there's nothing like looking classy and glam.
*Guess by Marciano
*Gucci Horsebit hobo

*High-waisted pants- i love this look.  It reminds me of Jackie from That 70's Show.  I love how slimming these pants make me look.  I absolutely fell in love when i tried my first pair on a few years ago at Charlotte Russe.  I ended up buying them and still rock them.  I also tried a pair of by Seven For All Mankind at Nordstrom Rack and they fit amazing too, although, i didn't buy them... now i wish i had of.
*Houndstooth print (i mainly love houndstooth peacoats)

*infinity scarves-- these are the coolest things in the world if you ask me, so cute!

*juicy couture velour sweat suits (even though all of mine seem to fall apart, way too soon after buying... as well as the rest of the stuff i buy from Juicy Couture... it's such a bummer, their stuff doesn't hold up.  Have you noticed that? if so please leave a comment and tell me your experience! :) )

*knitted hats for Winter

*leather jackets, leather boots... oh yes!
*Leopard print--- everything, please!
*Leopard print Sperry's
*Linen pants
*Louis Vuitton Speedy 30
*Lucky brand jewelry, accessories, and clothing.

*marc jacobs
*Mek jeans
*Michael Kors
*Miss Me denim
*Multi-way demi bra by PINK Victoria Secret

*neon- yep, they're back! I think some neons can be really tacky but if you wear them the right way, they're awesome!  I've seen neon tank-tops, t-shirts, and even shorts that i love! (neon pink and green are the faves!)
*Nike-- they make amazing clothes to make working out a little more comfortable.
*Nordstrom-- going shopping there is my biggest guilty pleasure!
*North face-- warm and comfy <3 My secret? I wear the Girls' size (kids size XL) and i save a lot of $ that way.  Onetime at REI i bought 2 Girls' North face jackets for the price of the same one for women.

*off the shoulder top-- the cool thing about these, is i make them myself out of old but cute t-shirts.
* Great deals on shoes, handbags, outerwear, clothing, and more!

*Pencil skirts
*Pink (the color!!)
*Pink by VS
*Pumps- with the platform toe, and a BIG heel! :)
*Push-up bras from Victoria's secret--- i stay stocked up!

quilted vintage Chanel handbag

*Rainbow flip flops
*Rock and Republic denim

*sequins, i absolutely LOVE sequins on anything from shoes to a cute tanktop
*skulls-- on anything please!
*snakeskin- i hate snakes, but they sure do make a nice pattern for a purse!
*Steve madden's entire shoe collection-- ever.

*tattoos- i think they make quite the style statement
*Tom's -- though i still don't have a pair (i will have a pair soon).. these are effortlessly cute and chill shoes that are quick to slip on.  All the patterns make them unique, cute, and interesting.  I absolutely love the fact that when you buy a pair a kid in Africa gets a pair also! Supporting a great cause and looking cute while you're at it! GO TOM'S!
*Tory Burch flats and handbags
*Tube tops- these are my favorite tops for Summer.  I think they show off your chest and arms so well, and i'm really proud of my arms and chest..i've worked my butt off !! I also like tube tops because they can be paired with dangly earrings and/or the right necklace to be dressed up.  
*TJ Maxx

*Ugg boots
*Underarmour (for working out-wear)
*Urban outfitters

*V-neck - My favorite neckline on a shirt, EVER! V-necks look great on anyone, i love how great they look when you're wearing the right necklace.
*vera wang for your wedding
*Victoria's Secret EVERYTHING
*Vintage Tee's (band shirts, etc.)

*waist belts
*wayfarer sunglasses
*Wedges- i love rocking these in the Spring and Summer!!
*white pants (linen, denim, anything white!)


*Yoga Pants (the foldover waistband ones are my favorite!)
*yoga shorties from victoria's secret (Check them out, tiny and short with a foldover waist!!)

*zebra print
*zef style---- Just ask Die Antwoord.

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  1. Literally love all these styles and fashion. Love the pink shoes but I'm afraid I'd bust my ass from the heals. Worth the scabs on my knees :)