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an introduction to losing weight.... my style.... Working out + eating healthy + portion control

You're here to lose weight.  I hope you're motivated because weight loss with me requires lifestyle change.  Although this lifestyle change is for the best, some are stubborn (like me at one point).  I'm gonna go ahead and tell you right now that if you don't exercise daily and you go out drinking at night and eat candy-- you're going to be overweight unless you're one of those weirdos with the creepily high metabolisms.  
The main thing i had to accept and  learn to love is working out.  Gaining muscle tone and cardio go hand in hand, 50/50.  Cardio burns calories and fat.  Toning burns calories, gives us that firm body we want, and builds muscle while burning fat. (the more you have, the more calories you burn sedentary).  Exercising is my tool for making it okay for me to slip up on unhealthy choices.  Exercising makes a few beers or a piece of cake every night okay.  The endorphins and the high that exercising gives you is something you'll learn to love as you see your results.
Another thing i had to learn to love was genuinely taking care of myself.  For years i pushed myself and my body over the limit with the partying, lack of sleep, lack of water, lack of alone time, an unbalanced diet, and an unbalanced life.  Getting 8 hours of sleep + a night is crucially important.  Sleep effects your appetite, energy levels, and metabolism.  Change your nightly routine so that you can get to bed at a reasonable hour with time to fall asleep and stay asleep for enough hours.  If you have trouble sleeping check into your caffeine and sugar habits.  Try taking melatonin, if that doesn't work see your doctor.  Sleep is something so vital that is so overlooked.
Exercising and portion control are going to be the main factors to losing weight the way i have.  Eating 3 meals a day and a few snacks is very important to me.. Although i drink way too much diet pepsi, i try to drink as much water as possible.  Water is so important it flushes your body of all sorts of toxins.  Water also helps burn more calories, keeps your appetite healthy, helps with regular bowel movements, and gives you clear skin.
Its really important to eat balanced meals so that you don't crave junk food.  I'm a sugar-holic and deal with all the temptations in the world.  I dig in often and keep my figure from eating healthy in every other way and also working out regularly.  

You'll be eating 3 meals a day, and up to 3 snacks.

Some things to cut out of your diet:
Dark/red meats
drinks with calories (including beer/alcoholic beverages, those are now "treats")
cheese (cut back half your intake-- i recommend once a day)
white bread, switch to whole grain
salad dressings--- switch to light or balsamic vinaigrette. 
hold the mayo
fast food in general

Things i eat a lot of and use in recipes that will be shared with you:
peanut butter
protein powder
protein bars (luna, balance)-- i'll be doing a whole blog review on them, some are too high in cals/sugar/fat and some taste horrible.
carrots cucumbers lettuce peppers spinach onion
everything bagels
cheese (made with 2%)
turkey lunch meat
whole grain bread
white meat turkey breast

I make delicious things daily.  The meals i make at home are similar to Panera.  I love a big sandwich or salad, i eat egg and cheese bagels, rich salads, veggies and dip, pasta, stir-fry, and mashed potatoes............ in a healthy amount.  

Think about this, when do you eat? Do you need to pack a lunch? Which foods do you need to eliminate? what with? Which foods do you not want to eliminate? Are you dreading the working out part? do you feel comfortable with portion control? Create a plan, do your research and figure out what you're comfortable with doing.  Again, structured eating and having some sort of a routine is so important for weight loss.  I believe every human should eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner... snacks as needed.  I urge you to make time in your day to do it.  If it's a banana and yogurt on the way to work, a sandwich on your break, a salad for dinner, and a bag of popcorn for a snack... hooray you did it! It's hard at first when your not used to eating in a routine.  You'll need to force yourself to eat a breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the appropriate time.. As time passes you'll find yourself hungry at these times, which is good because you're supposed to be hungry at those times.  

I will be starting off with 15 minutes of toning/15 minutes of cardio instructions 
The cardio i instruct, will not be strict.  Although i'll give you my advice, i will leave you with other options available that are of course great alternatives.  Cardio will start off at 15 minutes and move up to 20, 25, 30. The toning exercises i provide will be personally demonstrated or show through links or pictures.  I'll start at 2 sets/10 reps per exercise and move up to 2 sets/15 reps.  Moving up slowly has given me the best results with working out.  I don't like over-pushing myself.  Taking it little by little is the best way to guarantee confidence building and results.  

Check these websites out, and use the tools to help answer most of the personal questions your having on where to start on your weight loss journey:
(don't study these, get a general ballpark number and let it go....)

Check out these websites, i believe knowledge is power in the journey of weight loss:

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