Thursday, January 5, 2012

Don't give up on your dreams... from yours truely xoxo

From the moment I woke up today... things weren't too hot.  Not only was i sick physically-- coughing, congestion, sore throat, throbbing ears, horrible headache.  I was totally stressing my appointment at 2 pm... I felt depressed about the pictures being exposed and i could see my fuse was really running short. 
As my days had its shitty moments where i felt like running away, screaming, slamming doors, and hating everyone... i thought.  What if i don't get upset? what if they yell at me, and i don't yell back? What if instead of running from the person who i'm forced to get along with, outsmarting them? 
When someone aggressively walks past you in a building, tell them, "have a nice day!".  The waiter at Wendy's is an ass hole and gets your order wrong.  Go back in there with a smile on your face and wish him a happy day.  At the end of the day, that person will remember you.  That person will realize their mood is crappy.  These are things i like to do on days that i want to be the bigger person or make an impact.... Remember how you feel on the inside reflects from and on the outside.  Make yourself smile and laugh throughout the day, At the end of the day I promise it will positively change your mood.

Expressing myself is so crucial to my happiness.  Painting, writing, drawing, reading, exercising, yoga, dance, listening to music, and photography are all very personal things that bring me so much happiness.  The art-side of me is something that just picked up,  there's something so empowering about imagining something in your head that you creative, and having the ability to put it down for others to see just as you do.  
There's something about art, also... I find it so special when you connect with an artist on a lyrical level, or a message they're trying to get across in a music video, sometimes certain songs touch my heart... They explain me, and I feel i can relate.. It's so comforting to know that somebody else feels the same emotion you do or describes something perfectly in a song that you feel personally.
Journalism is something that i find so centering.  After i'm done writing, i feel I have a plan for myself.  Feeling that i have something to strive for, and a plan.  My journal helps me make up my mind. When i write in it, the words just flow.  My words always come out so well, i'm able to resolve so many issues and feelings.
Exercising is something that i find necessary to my emotional-survival.  I strive to workout for 1 hour a day (30 minutes of cardio/30 minutes of toning/strength training).  When i run, it's usually  hard the first 5 minutes, once i get my runners high, i usually don't get off my elliptical (my usual source for cardio) until I've gone for 45 minutes.  When i run on the elliptical i'm always either reading or listening to music.  When i listen to music, i completely zone off into my own world.... It's a true way to escape;and the healthiest and most realistic way to do it!

I've found myself in such tragic situations lately that i've had to learn ways to cope with the pain.  Telling myself that everything's going to be okay, that everything will get better, that i can take any situation into my hands and make the best of it, that god has a plan for everyone, that giving up won't do anything, putting myself through hell isn't going to take care of the problem and i don't deserve to be punished by myself for something that's not my fault.  Some days are better than others.  One thing that i think we tend to do though, is we think of all the negative when something bad happens.  Having positive thoughts, a can-do attitude, an optimistic attitude, and the ability to believe in yourself and your ability to have control and to make things better are key points to making your life better, making yourself a happier person.  And of course, that always brings us back to the law of attraction.  What we think is what we are/what we think, we attract.

So this goes out to you all,
Don't give up on yourself;NEVER,  don't ignore your dreams, be the bigger person, smile as much as you can, go after whatever it is you want, know and remember that you can do anything if you work towards it, do not let anybody tell you what or who you are, never forget that you are special and really can do anything---never say never!!


I see good things coming from myself.  I'm looking forward to feeling more independence.  I want to be able to take care of myself better, i want to be able to be in the drivers seat of my own life.  I believe that this year, i will accomplish the things that i've been needing to.  I've lost a lot of fear that i had towards the goals that i need in order to have the life that i want, the life that's independent.  When something is important enough to you; you'll do anything to get it.  I also know that growing up, maturing, and not caring what other people think is a huge part of me taking stpes towards my goals of school.
I believe that i'm a good hearted person.  I believe that i am intelligent, caring, loyal, trustworthy, hard-working.  I know that i'm capable of having anything that i want in this whole entire world as long as i try hard enough.  
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  1. Loved reading this! You are an amazing and inspiring writer Lauren! Continue on with your bravery with words! <3

    - Brittany

  2. thanks brit :) can't wait to see your blog!!!