Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Die Antwoord and Max Normal TV~ if you don't know then now you know....

I don't know what's true and what's not.  I'm having trouble finding out much information.  My good friend Marybeth showed me all about these wild south african "rap/singing" group.  Yes, they are from South Africa.  Die Antwoord's frontman is a ex-prisoned, skinny, weird and creepy guy named Ninja, and then not to ever be forgotten--- YOLANDI VI$$ER.  She's a tiny female rapper girl that's insane, she's hilarious.  Before they started Die Antwoord they were in a band called Max Normal (TV), Yolandi was in Max Normal, Instead of going by Yolandi Vi$$er like in Die Antwoord, she just goes by Yolandi Visser.  "Ninja" was in MaxnormalTv as well, except he went by the name "Waddy Jones."  Waddy Jones dressed in a 3 piece suit and was supposedly more of a "motivational speaker when he rapped."

This is DIE ANTWOORD, Yolandi on the left, and Ninja on the right , i'm assuming if he was wearing his three-piece suit, he'd then be going by "Waddy Jones" and  then i could call them Max Normal TV?

Their music is CRAZY.  I find the music from both bands to be similar from the little knowledge i have.  WARNING: if you listen to their music be prepared to have it stuck in your head ALL day long.  The beats and the repetitive lyrics are quite catchy.  I very first heard of them from a friend who had seen them live at Bonaroo.  When he showed my friend Tiffany, and i we immediatey showed Marybeth, who fell in love and now pretty much only listens to the duo (any band- as long as it's the dynamicaly weird duo!)

So, this is MaxNormalTV because he's wearing suit. Yolandi and "Waddy Jones"


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  1. lol they look mad crazy yo.

  2. Yoolandiiiiii oooh :-P

  3. It goes deeper than that. There's also the Constructus Corporation, also featuring Ninja/Max/Waddy and Yolandi/Anri Du Tou. And of course Ninja did some shit on his own under the name of Watkin Tudor Jones, and was with this band The Original Evergreens.

    Die Antwoord = Max Normal.TV = The Constructus Corporation. All that changes is the DJ.

    Anyway, they are awesome and educated. Don't take what they do so seriously. They're... tricksters...

  4. (Hiya, I found your blog and this post during a random "Bored-Gonna-Look-Stuff-Up-Oh-Hey-Look-Die-Antwoord" Google session.)

    I think my favorite thing about Ninja and Yolandi is how diverse their talents really are. They can legit do both Die Antwoord and MaxNormal.TV and The Construction Corporation, and you know it's them even if they do sound worlds different at times.

    They're also super close friends of Neill Blomkamp and Sharlto Copley, so that's also a bonus.