Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a beautiful Sunday, a rainy and fun Monday, and all that came with it. From me to you!!

So, today i was looking through blogs and came across this one.  I loveee everything about it! I'm so excited to try some of her nail techniques.  I love her overall blogging style. Check out Chloe's Nails! I also loved this blog, not as much as Chloe's, but it's awesome and very similar check out pink tattoo's blog!


A pretty interesting band.  Check out the band Die Antwood too, it's a band that has the same members (give or take a few - haha?) -- If you're easily discusted, please don't watch this.  I'm not crazy about the video myself.  The song is a riot though.........................

Jersey Shore and Seinfeld, yep America's most hated, and loved shows!

SO, I SAW THIS ADORABLY FUNNY MOVIE LAST NIGHT,  called "what's your number?" staring Anna Faris.  I highly recommend it to you and/or you and a group of girlfriends.  It's a cute romantic comedy!

My favorite thing to do today....
both days = watch tv, sleep AND nap, hangout with friends, burn candles, and watch movies! :)

My dream last night....
I got a huge chest piece just like this girl I know.  (like almost the exact one).  I also had a back piece.  I was walking around the flea market (not like the one i usually go to, more so like one that was creepy, dark, outdoors, and had creepy, old, weird, useless, vintage, crap.  I saw so many people i know there.  It was so bizarre though.  At one point i wanted to leave this one shop and felt like i couldn't.  On a better note, i also had dreams i had a party at this awesome house (that actually exists in real life, i went to it growing up.  It was my fathers good friends house, his name was Morgan).  He had a pool in the backyard that the situation, Pauly-D, and I hopped in :) lol.  Yes, you heard me right i was hanging out with the most random people. It was so bizarre.  I even remember a few of the conversations I had with them in the dreams.  I used to never remember dreams the way i have been lately.  It's so weird.  Ever since my brothers girlfriend gave me this dream catcher (i know this sounds stupid, but i promise) i've been remembering all my dreams!!Craft Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog Directory

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