Saturday, December 3, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

Perfume of the day:

Hugo Boss "red" for women.  This is the most amazing fall/winter scent.  It has a very deep and senual smell.  It has everything from floral, vanilla, to a tiny bit of spicy notes.  There's a hint of sandalwood and black currant. This smell is so sexy and i find that most of the compliments i recieve when i wear it are from men.  Check it out online-- and have great prices on perfume (and everything else).  I also like ULTA and Belks/Macy's because they sell gift sets a lot of the time, those have a good value and more product if you like the scent enough!
This is one of my all time favorites.  The first time i got a whiff of it was on one of my dearest friends, Sara.  She's lived in Sweden (she is Swedish), Holland, and Saudi Arabia.  I fell in love with  it and would spray hers on me EVERYTIME i went to her house.  She finally bought me a bottle for my birthday one year :).   I've loved it and am almost out!

Look of the day:
 For me personally, today:
Mek jeans tucked into my chestnut tall UGG boots.  A dark brown Juicy Couture thermal.  A tie-dye brown,tan, and gold infiniti scarf.  Tossled/mainly straight hair. ~~~~~ I also wore a pair of black velour Victoria's Secret sweatpants.  They have 2 back snap pockets with GIVE LOVE PINK in rhinestones on the left thigh.  I wore a white camisole with it, and threw on the matching jacket that has fur lining in the hood on with it when i was cold :)


Songs of the day

Tupac - dear momma

* ANOTHER NEW FAVE* 18 and up pppulllease :)
Borgore dubstep ft. MIA

                                                                      The Black Keys - Next girl
Website of the day
visualize! (Artsy version of pinterest and weheartit!!)

Blog of the day

This is blog is awesome! It's updated constantly with trips down memory lane and pieces of nostalgia all age groups have from growing up.  With everything fron toys, tv shows, mealpackaging, movies,  and fashion! Subscribe, you won't be sorry! This is one of the best blogs i've found so far :)

Cosmetic of the day
buy this......
to look like this. xoxo
Deal of the day

What's on my wishlist today?

Inspiration of the day
" you ARE whatever you want to be"

Meal of the day
Brocoli, corn, grilled chicken breast chopped up, brown rice, spinach, garlic... Yeah that mixture... coooked (LOL)

Check it out here!

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