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Ljay to the rescue!!!

Every time I talk to anybody about the tanning bed, they moan and groan about how crappy the company is (no matter what company it is--- and they're usually right).  The pressure by employees to buy products.  The products are expensive, there are so many to pick from, the costs of the different beds and not knowing which bed to chose, and what rules/guidelines are real... and which ones are just made up by tanning beds to bring in the cash!
Well, luckily I'm an ex-tanning bed employee and i know ALL the secrets.  I just got a tanning bed package less than a week ago with my mother.  She's always asking me questions and that's what inspired me to write this post.  To give all my readers the inside scoop on the secrets, and which products give you more bang for your buck!

I'm sure you all have heard of SUN TAN CITY or PLANET BEACH?
These are the two tanning beds that I've gone to the most.  First of all, Sun Tan City is the better of two evils, I used to work there.  Planet Beach is HORRIBLE, IF you sign up for their spa "monthly" package.  It's a RIP OFF, and i got screwed and ended up paying so many bank fees because of their inability to be an organized company.  

Bronzing lotions contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA) or natural pigments.  DHA is a safe way to darken the skin,  it was even approved by the FDA as a safe way to get darker color.  Natural pigments dye the skin and DHA causes a chemical reaction (it IS an amino acid) that turns the skin dark when it reaches the protein in your skin.
Bronzer requires staying on the skin for several hours after applying.  I go to the tanning bed at night (usually) so, i use my lotion and tan and then go to sleep and just shower in the morning.  DHA bronzers can require up to 8 hours to get the full effect.

My personal opinion on tingle lotion is, if you can handle it-- GO FOR IT! Tingles work great, and will help you get the best tan in the fastest amount of time possible! Tingle lotions work by increasing your blood circulation and bringing the cells to the skin (which increase the amount of oxygen available) faster than UV rays could on their own, resulting in a faster tan. Tingle can make many people uncomfortable, it causes burning and itching for some.  The side effects only last for about an hour (tops) after tanning.  I personally can handle the tingle effect but i DO have to work my way up, as do most people.  Start at a low power tingle, and work your way up.  (Pink diamond by Swedish Beauty is a great tingle-starter).

Blush lotions are pretty simply explained.  They give you the same positive benefits as a tingle lotion, only minus the burning and itching side effects.  Basically this is your easy ticket out of the discomfort of tingle lotions, but still achieving the dark color you were hoping for.  I've noticed lately that I don't see a lot of blush lotions at the tanning beds, If you're interested and can't find them, check here. Online is always a great alternative for saving money and a wider selection.

Tanning extenders are a great way to buy some insurance in that your tan will last.  Tanning extenders help to keep your skin extremely moisturized to avoid dry skin.  Dry skin (during, after, or before) tanning is horrible.   Dry skin will cause the skin to flake off, when your skin "flakes off" so does your tan!  Basically, the more moisture you provide your skin with, the longer your tan will last! More and more tanning extenders are hitting the shelves at tanning beds.  When chosing a tanning extender, go for one with vitamins!  Different extenders offer different things -- i've seen it all from-- firming components, anti aging effects, and even bronzers.  Chose the lotion that you think will benefit you the most!
A few of my favorites are --

I've noticed since about 2009, more and more lotions are adding the ingredient, SILICONE.  Silicone helps hold moisture into your skin.  As I explained before, moisture is one of the key ingredients to achieving a tan, and keeping a tan.
Melanin helps to protect against discoloration and skin damage.  Melanin also helps your body achieve the color that you're looking for.  Lotions that contain "melanin activating peptide "increases your skins melanin by up to 50 percent, allowing your blood flow to increase... Therefore, making it easier for you skin to grab onto that color.  The more melanin your skin produces- the more of a tan you get.  Lotions with melanin (activating peptide--M.A.P.) helps everyone- especially the less fortunate people with light skin that have more trouble tanning.
Now that we've gone over melanin.  You'll understand L-Tyrosine's benefits better.  As you've probably caught on by now, all tanning ingredients go together hand in hand.  They all help eachother in some way.  L-tyrosine helps to produce more melanin in your body.  When you're under the UV light, your cells will absorb this and help to produce more melanin.  Once the melanin oxidizes your skin turns golden/brown.  
Caffeine is added to reduce puffiness in the skin, and to energize it.  However, if you are sensitive to caffeine, stay away-- it WILL absorb into your skin.
Also known as Vitamin A, absorbs into your skin for more color in your skin pigment.
Nourishes your skin and acts as a moisturizer.
As you know, green tea is an antioxidant.  It fights against free-radicals and UV damage.  It helps to keep skin soft, smooth, wrinkle-free, and young/fresh.  Green Tea (red tea or white tea) are always good for the body-- no matter what form it comes in (lotion, beverage, vitamin, etc).

VITAMIN A- helps skin get a darker pigment.
VITAMIN E- softens skin and helps fight against wrinkling and aging.

Parabens, artifical dye, chemicals, and waxes.


Designer skin: BLACK 20X (there is this bottle, and there is the same lotion in a silver bottle; this is basically the deluxe version)
This is one of my favorite tanning lotions.  It's made by Designer Skin.  It's defiinitely on the more "expensive side" but you won't be disappointed.  It has a refreshing citrus-y smell.  This lotion features:
*20x advanced bronzing system- Basically saying it has bronzer, and A LOT of it.
*Mega silicone emulsion- Helps make your skin soft, smooth, and hydrated
*3x mega melamax- this helps increase your skins melanin for a darker and more radiant color.
*sun stay technology and fade defying- these properties help to maintain your color.  
This lotion came out about 2 years ago-- I want to say 2009.  It was retailing for $100 when i worked for the tanning bed, i sold quite a few bottles and lots of customers were very happy with the quality of the lotion.  For a better price, check out the website i have listed below.

Behold my ALL TIME favorite tanning lotion in my whole entire life! The scent is very light and powdery.  I cannot put into words HOW SOFT your skin is after you rub this on.  It adds shimmer and gives you outstanding color.  When i was working at the tanning bed it retailed for $120.  However, that was 2 years ago.  Check your local salon for prices, and if it's too much don't settle- check the links i've provided below for a better price!
This lotion features:
*Mega magical silicone- gives you soft skin and hydration.
* Color enhancing body silk- brings deep color without DHA. (which may i add, is an AMAZING quality)
*Mega melamax- bronzing complex which increases melanin synthesis for longer lasting color.
* Opti glow- delivers a healthy looking, radiant glow
                                                                * Immortelle extract- fights against free radicals and                                                                                           I LOVE DESIGNER SKIN!!                        increases collagen and cell renewal.
                                                          * Blue lotus extract- improves and increases skin elasticity      IT IS THE BEST TANNING BRAND!                    and firms the skin.
~~ There are so many great qualities in this lotion; it's WELL worth the money and HIGHLY recommended!!

This lotion is THE BEST.  I see the most intense results when i use this.  It smells like berries.. I can't lie, the scent could be better.  But all in all this lotion is the BOMB.

*black currant and kukui oil helps you get dark and sexy color.
*vitamins and hemp seed extract bring moisture to your skin.
*Black Bronzer brings DHA to your skin.
*Hemp seed extract helps soften and prepare your skin for the ultimate tan.

I snagged this lotion from amazon for about $25.  It's the best deal, and the best tan. 10/10.

i LOVED the smell of this lotion, i loved the tan i got, and i loved the bracelet it came with ... until it broke at the bar :( (pout face).
* complex bronzing blend of tyrostan, DHA, black walnut extract, melanin activating peptide, fermiskin, shitaki extract, olive leaf, pea extract, caffeine, botanical oils, and French wine.  The antioxidants help develop a youthful glow, firmer skin, antiaging, and great color.  This lotion is awesome! It's fairly non-expensive.  The problem is, It's an older lotion, it probably came out around 2007.  I recommend looking for it online! And not to be forgotten, the scent is to die for.  It's a flowery-blossomey smell.  :)

*mega melamax complex gives your skin a boost of melanin to increase the blood flow and color you achieve.
*Quadruple bronzing blend provides your skin with cosmetic color while you reach the tan your looking for
*The bronzing blend contains tyrostan, DHA, black walnut extract, erythrulose, and, melanin activating peptides.
*Opti-glow accelerators give your skin a more healthy looking glow.
* the scent is so yummy.  It's described as a tropical sugar- you won't be disappointed no matter how picky you are when it comes to fragrance.
I really liked this lotion because it was average-priced and does everything a tanning lotion should!

RAVISH ME- Designer Skin
*Radically dark natural bronzer
It won't give you that "built-up orange-like look"
* Rasberry apple fusion scent
* Antioxidants 
* "kissable creme formula"

This stuff is awesome, it's not very expensive.  It came out in 2010 (i'm pretty sure).  I was really happy with it.  The bronzer being DHA free is always a bonus, the scent is amazing, and the antioxidants make your skin smooth.


20x DARK BRONZER- The bronzers are natural.

Shimmer- the lotion contains shimmer and glitter to make the skin shine!!!! i love it :)!

Silver and pink mica has powerful antioxidants and cell renewal properties for soft, youthful, healthy, glowing skin.

I absolutely love this lotion.  The bottle is adorable, it is the best smelling tanning lotion I've ever used (scent: paparazzi pink), the price is great-- i believe it was $40 at the salon.  I would recommend this to any of you ladies if you're looking for cheap and good quality.  Online it is even cheaper-- i've seen it for $18.  


 *Dark bronzing system.
*Mild tingle lotion.  Tingle power 2.
* Hemp 
*Enhanced with LIPOCARE- triple action antiaging and slimming combination.
*Scent is very light and floral. I love it.

This lotion gave me AMAZING color.  Back in the day when I didn't know how important moisturization was, and i didn't know any of the tricks i know today.  I would get so dark i looked black! This stuff's great if you need a boost or love a     I love SWEDISH BEAUTY!                                                 LOT of color.

This lotion gives great color.  It has been around since around 2006, so i don't know how easy it would be to find at your salon.  Online is a great place and it's so inexpensive now.


This lotion is amazing!
* Accelerators/Hemp
* Dark tanning bronzers
* Ultrafirm antiwrinkle complex
for visibly firm skin
* Dark tanning biosine complex
blend for advanced tanning.
* Hemp seed extract has high concentration of fatty acids for extreme hydration.
* Herbal DNA helps skin hold moisture for a long time, for a longer lasting tan.
~ i ADORED this lotion.  I'm pretty sure I used it in 2007-2008ish.  I believe i paid about $50 for it at a 

                          salon.  I got great color from it,  smooth skin, and loved the scent!

I'm not going to continue to write reviews for every single bottle of lotion i've used, however, here are some more lotions that i loved.



Dark secrets- Swedish beauty
* Derma bronzers ( i did get some color, but not much-- it was more of a cosmetic tan.)
* Body blush (? i didn't get that great of color)
* Shimmer (that clogged my pores)
* "smooth skin" (supposedly... i mean it wasn't horrible but in comparison to other lotions this didn't do much hydrating for my skin)
* "eastern star" fragrance...(which smells horrible-- more like fish after it's been open a month.)

All in all, i wasn't happy with this lotion AT ALL! I listed all the reasons why above... It was just horrible.  I paid $65 at my salon because they ripped me off by making  me believe it was so great because it had just came out.  Blah blah blah! DON'T RECOMMEND IT 2/10.

Australian gold- saint sinners lotion
 = HORRIBLE. Take a good look and write a mental note NEVER to buy this lotion :(

*Fragrance- cocoa cognac
*ONLY 11 OZ.
* I believe i got ripped into paying $60 + !!! :(
 *Age defying blend: shea butter and coQ10 
soothe and strengthen skin.
* CHROMATIC COLOR COMPLEX: with rejuvenating silver for powerful antioxidant and cell renewal capabilities
*5x color booster : Potent bronzing blend for instantaneous  revved up, dark color.

I hated this lotion.  The pump broke within the second week.  The lotion was thick and cake-        I HATE THIS LOTION!                                    like.  I didn't like the way it made my skin feel.

* it is DRUG free ;) (there's not really hemp or cannabis in it... bummer ;))
* Kiwi extract provides antioxidants which helps protect the skin.
* Mango extract brightens your skin and helps to improve and even skin tone
* Hemp seed oil- provides hydration and a balance of fatty and amino acids
* "HydraRich blend" is a combination of shea butter, joioba, and glycerin it hydrates and locks moisture into the skin.
* Age defying blend has vitamin A, E, and B5 give you natural protection against aging.  Soft focus microspheres diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Australian Gold - FOREVER AFTER

* Triple action anti-firming, anti-aging, and slimming lipocare.

* Moisture blend provides 24 hour hydration.

* Hemp seed extract - soft skin 

* Scent is very light and powder fresh.

~ i love this lotion it made my skin so soft and smooth.  I love the scent because it doesn't overpower or mix badly with perfumes.  My skin stayed very hydrated, i loved the thin but moisturizing texture.


I absolutely love this lotion

* Scent: "Waterlily" very fresh, clean, and refreshing.

* Moisture- Rich

* Fast absorbing

* Tan Maintenence formula

* Deep Sea Complex contains Sea minerals and extracts

Ebay <3
Tanning Lotion Supply

* always buy a month, NOT sessions:
i am against sessions.  When people get sessions they spend too much and then spread out their sessions to the point where they don't see a difference in their color.  They don't go often enough to build a base tan and then to maintain it.
* use tan extender after you get out of the bed and after the shower.
* Switch lotions every visit.
* switch beds every visit.  all beds give different uv effects.  Switching them up will give you the best color

Love you all!

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