Thursday, December 22, 2011

Girls rule

I'd like to take a second to say how important it is to set personal boundaries. If you don't people can walk all over you. Nobody likes bring taken advantage of. In days before cell phones, people called house phones. If that person doesn't answer their house phone, the caller assumes they're not home and leave a message. Now that cell phones are around I think people subconciously cross the norms of social manners. Yeah, I keep my cell on me and if I'm eating dinner that my mom took time to prepare I don't answer and I'm not concerned with rushing to text the person to let them know what im doing. I can accept calling at an inconvenient time but testing more than twice after that and calling again is rude and inconsiderate. Getting emotional over it is stupid too. People have lives.
On an even lower note, I'd like to bring attention to my ex boyfriend who thinks it's okay to come bursting in my life at any moment. If I don't Answer his psychotic calls he rages, calling relentlessly from weird and random#s he makes up on the Internet. He's obsessive, throws low-blows and has done nothing to help me *improve* this whole time I've associated with him. He's negative but so manipulative. It's like the whole time we were together he dated me, he got to know me in a way where he could manipulate me with my shortcomings, fears, and insecurities. Harassing someone by showing jealousy towards their iPhone isn't gonna help you get them to take you back, neither is using your computer to use an online communication operator (used for deaf people) to get in touch because she's blocked all your numbers. Bottom line here (besides the fact I needed to vent.) Don't spend time with people who are negative or take joy out of your life. Sometimes I get so comfortable with one person (unhealthy or nor) I find it hard to end the relationship. The losers end up leaving me for something that was bothering me months ago only I stuck through it. From here on out I'm promising myself to not surround myself with people who raise more than one red flag.
The secret by Rhonda burnes states that you are s magnet and so are other beings and things. Our emotions are magnets also. When were around bad people we feel bad. That's how I feel in most of my relationships. Why get in them!? Because the guys are sweet, they're badasses, they have it rough and I feel compassionate and sympathetic for them. Why stay with them? Because by then I'm comfortable.

Just a note for you guys to think about :)
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