Thursday, November 24, 2011

You guys probably think i'm a lazy bum...

So sorry for not posting this weekend, i always plan to - but never find the time.  I get super excited on weekends, get out more, and hangout with people.  Although i always find myself writing down my adventures and findings to share, i never get around to it until Monday--- So HELLO! and HAPPY MONDAY!

One thing i'd like to share is i am so blessed that i have gotten my life together.  Every once in a while I hear a little gossip that literally breaks my heart about the people in which i used to surround myself.  A couple i used to hangout with-- got their house raided this past weekend by police.  I'd like to also mention the "girl" of the couple has 2 kids from another relationship, those kids have been taken my social services.  I used to babysit them.  My heart breaks for her, she's in jail and hating it-- and worried about her kids.  Sometimes it takes that kind of stuff to happen for people to open their eyes and realize they've got to change.  You reach an age (that age is different for everyone) when you realize, it's time to grow up. I am so worried about her children, i had a really close relationship with them for a while, i was basically like their second mother for a while.  They're so sweet and don't realize the issues that their mother has, they're probably scared and want to know where their mommy is.. Anyhow, enough rambling-- i'm just so upset!

So, you're probably wondering what the hell i did all weekend ....

WALMART! I was absolutely in love with their arts and crafts section.  Although, it was a "SUPER walmart," i managed to find so many things for so much cheaper than a.c. moore's prices! wahoooo! Goooo WALMART!
folk art paints for 98 cents... vs. ac moore folk art paints for $2.00+ .... WINNING!
sketch pad for $3.98 vs. $6.00... WINNING!
pkg of oil pastels $4.99 vs $12.99 .. WINNING!
shirts for cutting up... $3.00 each.. WINNING!
As you can tell, i had a blast at walmart.

This past weekend, i got a drawer full of band shirts, threw them on my floor and said... "i'm going to have a new fall wardrobe with these suckers."  I looked all over youtube for t-shirt cutting videos and found a few that were decent to give me the basic detail on cutting shirts.  I will be posting my own videos on how to do that soon.
Here are my lovely new shirts..
Here are all of my shirts after i finished..

I made my Sublime 

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