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What's in my cosmetic bag?

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Hello everyone! 
i thought the perfect blog for today would be to give you a sneak peak into my makeup bag(s)!And that adorable large vera bradley cosmetic bag in Baroque to the right is what i'm currently using to keep a few of my cosmetics in... well, the ones that will fit!
The above link/photo is some of the more expensive cosmetics i use, you can simply click on the link so that you can see the prices of my favorite cosmetics that i hand picked to show in the ad! (yes! i can create my own ads, how cool?) Also i'll show you (below) some of the other cosmetics and beauty products i use, the links to purchase them and why I think they're so great.  Please please please leave comments with any feedback on more ideas for my posts, or what your favorite beauty products or cosmetics are! Love you all!

Betty Lou Manizer is one of my favorite bronzers, it has a very metallic glow but is not filled with glitters that clog pores, you definitely need a base tan or it'll be too dark but i absolutely love it and the natural color, but glitzy shine it gives off!

Yes! how cool right? Kat von D has her own line at sephora and has created this awesome eye palette.  What attracted me to it was the variety of colors: i really really appreciated the variety of natural shades along with some funky and smokier shades.  It also comes with a little tube of Kat Von D's mascara that .. works for me! No, it's not my favorite mascara in the world but it works great.  The eyeshadows go on great and stay on for a good amount of time, although, i use eyeshadow primer and i know that helps tremendously.  All in all this was a great deal, it was about $50 and has nearly a $200 value!
Click here to have sephora pop up in a new window showing you the Kat Von D eyeshadow palette for sale!

Call her crazy, hate on her all you want- i think she's fabulous and i absolutely LOVE her makeup here.

Yes, Yes, I know, $20-$25 is too much for mascara.  But this is Dior, and this is heaven, and this is your best friend if your looking for the longest lashes possible.  I swear this mascara is god! The brush is large (which i absolutely LOVE and do not see in many other mascaras).  2 sweeps over each eye's eyelashes, put the lid back on and twirl it shut, that easy! It goes on that quick, that well and that easily.  Dior also makes all different colors in the diorshow mascara, and also offer waterproof or nonwaterproof!  I have had to buy many other mascaras due to my low budget, and i HAVE INDEED found many that i like, but this will always be my alltime favorite and i will guarntee my life on it to any first-timers! It's worth the money!  Click here for the sephora window to popup with description, product information, and purchase information

 This is AMAZING eyemakeup~ and quite similar to my technique before going out, or doing something that involves dressingup!

Although the pale-skinned vamp look and pin-up look are growing more and more popular-- and i love them! I also love looking tan, I'm an (unfortunately) addicted to tanning beds, BUT this is my alternative- and let it be yours too!-- I've used this on myself and friends (that are very pale), a little goes a long way! Pump a dime-nickel sized amount in the palm of your hands and rub onto your face, chin and some onto the neck, THEN apply makeup over it.  St. Tropez self bronzing mouse will give you that bronzed glow that some of us look for in the wrong place- Through makeup.  When we try to bronze ourself through makeup we end up looking very fake and sometimes orange, thats why you have got to get a bottle of this! Put it on before you put on your makeup and it makes your skintone darker~ therefore (you will need a darker foundation shade- duh! ha ha!) Using this on your skin DOES NOT block pores! My skin is seriously sensitive and i battle breakouts all the time and i promise it does not clog pores, it truely is a wonder-cosmetic! Check out St. Tropez bronzing mousse at sephora's website (it will pop up in a seperate window)

I know, i'm awesome-- i even found a photo with a "shade-color-code."  Unforunately, i'm getting over a series of serious breakouts and my face has a lot of redness and definitely shows that i've had acne.  It's self-esteem drowning but i keep having hope knowing that stress is now leaving my life, and my skin will be great again in no-time! Smashbox high definition does wonders- it completely covers up redness and creates such a FAKE (but natural looking) smooth skin tone.  Celebrities such as the Kardashian's have admitted to using it- and look at how flawless their skin is?! This is by far one of the best foundations i've used.  Although it is high priced and i have found less expensive alternatives that work just as well, there are a few things that this foundation does for you that those don't.. It completely prevents breakouts and has sunblock included.  It really is an "all-in-one" product, and if you've got the money-- i'd say it's a must.  You can check it out at Sephora: Smashbox High Definition foundation (pop up in a new window)

why do i love this ?
easy ---
1- the 3 colors are perfect a red, a pink, a brown-- those are your basics
2- they go on smoothly, comfortably, and are somewhat long lasting.
3- great priced gift set.  Valued at a much higher price.
Check it out (will pop up in a new tab)

Last but definitely not least- MEET THE NARS HIGHLIGHTING/BRONZING DUO! .. that saves your life and could make you look healthy and glowing if you were a dead corpse (eh, sorry for the gross detail-- but i mean it!) I prefer the ORGASM/LAGUNA DUO, and i swear by it :)
I have heard of MANY of my most favored celebrities use this same product in the same shade (orgasm/laguna).  Celebrities that use it are Audrina Patrige, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton and i believe, Lindsay Lohan!
This is hands down the best bronzing/blush duo for anybody with a dark hair/med-olive-deep skintone.  The blush is the absolute PERFECT rosy tint for my tanned skin tone, and the bronzer just adds a fabulous glow to my tan.  A few things i REALLY love about this product besides the fact that the tones are literally the most perfect for my skin tone) I love that there is no glitter or glitz or shine in this product, it absolutely-will-not-no-excuse make you breakout and it ACTUALLY STAYS ON.  Yes, it stays on- no, you do not have to reapply during your bathroom trip at work before lunch, duriing lunch, midafternoon and before you leave the office. ha ha! You can apply before work and mid afternoon if neccessary.
Here's the link to check it out, if you go to the bottom you can also view the other color combinations, you HAVE GOT to order this stuff, it is AWESOME!.. and after all, don't you want skin like kim kardashian's? i do!

Although i use 100's of other cosmetics, i'm gonna limit the blog to those tonight, but i plan on gradually posting all my favorite cosmetics.  --- ALSO--- be excited because i'm going to be posting bargain cosmetics that you can find at your local drugstore, target, walmart, etc.

I love you all, please leave comments- and ENJOY!

xoxoxoxoxo- Miss. Jay

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