Friday, November 18, 2011


well folks. i'd like to introduce you to PINTEREST.  Unfortunately, you have to invited or send in a request for an invitation.  However, leave a comment with your email and i will definitely invite you in.  This website is so cool, you download a little "pin it" button and it sits on your toolbar, when your browing you can hit that button if you see something you want to remember.  You select the picture/article from your browser and click the button! that easy! You have different boards (that come with, and you can create more).  They're basically folders so that you can organize your pins.  The thing i love the most about this website is the interaction.  I find myself pinning more that i find throughout the website, then pinning things while i'm browsing other sites.  There is everything from books, to styles, to shoes, to makeup ideas, to good movies, nail ideas, crafting and art ideas, etc.  It really is a blast-- so start pinning !!!!!

Here are some things i found on pinterest i'd like to try/do:
What an awesome photoshoot idea, party idea, halloween idea, etc.  If only i had a daughter to do all this cool stuff with?

This looks a little difficult only because of the detailed design, but the design cannot be hard to get, i'm pretty sure i have all the colors and CANNOT wait! 

Bejewel your heels? Uhm, HELL YEAH! When should i get started? and which pair?

And last, but not least, here's the website i found on pinterest on how to make (FROM SCRATCH) pink chalkboard paint!!!

Again, Need an invitation? Leave a comment with your email and i'll get you on the site asap!
Love you!
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  1. Wow! How awesome! I think I heard about this earlier today or sometime this week :)



  2. Enjoy i sent you an email with an invitation :) xoxo

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