Sunday, November 6, 2011

sunday was no funday

Well, today i did.. nothing productive.
I'm excited for a fresh new week, and i hate saying that because i feel i've said it everyday for the past a year.  Why? Because every week is always ruined due to my horrible choices.  And those choices are infinite.
I spoke briefly to the ex today and thank god i'm reminded more and more everyday of why i shouldn't be with him, easily, by his behavior.  I'm so lustfully attracted to him. Damnit.

This week I plan to eat healthy, engage in more relaxing productive activities such as watching a favorite tv series, starting a new book, blogging more and posting more interesting things for you guys.

This is a really fun song <3

I'm learning more and more about this site and about blogging in general everyday, i love it.  There are so many things that i'm excited to begin writing about.  I can't wait to write about

I'm excited for dirty soaps to come on tonight.  Kelly Monaco is my favorite <3Craft Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog Directory

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