Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pretty Wild

So, a few years back i started watching the show on E! called PRETTY WILD.  It starts Alexis Neires and Tess Taylor along with their sister and mother.  It's so interestingto me for some reason.  There is only one season and it's a short series of i believe 13 episodes.  It mainly focuses on Alexis' trial, and the lives of the 3 daughters and mother.  It's really interesting because they're a fun, different family.  Very different, outgoing and just very close-knit.  As crazy as they are i seem to admire them.  She was part of the "bling ring" which is a group of teenagers that were finally caught after breaking into multiple celebrities homes.  After breaking into Audrina Patridge and Orlando Bloom's homes that had security cameras which was what got them caught.  Anywhoo, i have googled and youtubed the bling ring and still find it hard to believe someone like Alexis had a part in it.  I'm pretty sure at the end she does end up guilty but gets a year in rehab, i'm not sure.  Anyways it's pretty interesting to read about.  :) It was basically started by this guy nick and this other girl (forgot her name at the moment) but lets say it's rebecca for now (she's asian thats all i know).  When nick mmoved to LA he became friends with Rebecca and Rebecca was his everything.  She started breaking into celebrities' homes because of her love of fashion, stealing clothes and accessories. Nick followed her around.  Shortly after, more of the teenagers started doing it.  It was even on the news, and they continued doing it! (can you believe that?) They claimed to steal cocaine from Paris Hilton's home and they even admitted to breaking into her house multiple times because she was stupid enough to continue to leave her key under the mat AND she didn't even notice that her house was getting broken into, they were only stealing small bits at a time.  They found out the celebrities weren't home by checking into their facebooks and twitter.   They broke into TONS of celebrities homes (paris hilton, paul oakenfield, audrina patridge, Lindsay lohan, orlando bloom- many more).  Anyways i spent hours reading and youtubing it was pretty interesting and shocking to see how our world is.  A few decades ago, this wouldn't be happening.  In ways i love the furthering of technology, in other ways i see how it's destroying our country- shit, even our world.  Not only is technology used to "help us" it's also used against us! Anyways, enough of my babbling.. As you can see i love writing MULTIPLE times a day! is that weird? desperate? haha, who else does it?
Anyways i hope there isn't a limit on how many posts, if so , i'm in some deep trouble
xoxo- Lola

I think they're so beautiful! I really admire them, just not alexis' theft side (if infact it's even true; like i said i find it hard to believe she'd associate with that crowd just from looking at their mugshots)
Below is tess: (Playboys cyber girl!)

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