Wednesday, November 2, 2011

a little vitamin D

Such a beautiful day outside, letting my skin soak the rays.  I feel like i get so depressed in the colder seasons, i always resort to a tanning bed... So i'm jamming music and doing my surveys which if you readers don't know~ that's my job! i do surveys, write reviews for websites on products i've used/tried--sometimes they even send me products to try and i get paid to write reviews on them! Working online can be stressful, especially when tech problems come along but i really enjoy the flexibility that comes with working from home.. If anyone is interested please let me know i'd love to get you started, it's a great way to make extra cash with a part time job... or if you dedicate yourself enough you can do it completely for money.
Song of the day...I love this song, It's the YEAH YEAH YEAH's called "heads will roll" It reminds me of my beloved Allison Ballan Jurich <3 my best friend who passed on may 26th of this year.  Anyways get your groove on to this song.

Anyways, i'm going to go b ack to my surveys! more to come throughout the day!
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