Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Friends, or lack there of... RIP. Ally BomBally

Do you know what hurts more than anything?
Losing 3 friends in a year that i loved so dearly
2 of them stopped hanging out with me because of "decisions" i was making--- referring to the exboyfriend, one of them is slowly coming around, thankgod, because i missed her dearly.
The third, although i'd like to refer to her as the first, Allison Ballan, was murdered in May and i'd do anything to give her a hug and a kiss before she left for the other side, it's unfair. I walked in her house after not hearing from her in 3 days and found her murdered laying in her dining room.  The pain i feel in my heart is absolutely unexplainable there are no words to describe how hurt i feel.  I feel lonely, friendless, and hopeless.
All I can really do, is know that Ally's in a happier place now and Robert Daidone's in jail now.. itll soon be prison and he'll never see daylight again for causing my friend what she went through as i'm sure she was screaming for her last breath.  I try and look at the positives everyday and know that I will find great friends as soon as i involve myself in great things.  I would do anything to be with Mb, Tiff and Ally again.
I texted Mb this morning and hopefully she'll stop by because i have so much fun with her and she's such a favorable friend, i adore her and the times and memories we have.

Sara,my best friend throughout highschool moved back to HOLLAND a few years back, and i've missed her dearly also, she called me the other day (which is rare because of our COMPLETE opposite time schedules)  It was so FANTASTIC to hear her voice, and know she's doing great, i love her so much- i've just kind of adapted to her not being here, she'll always be that best friend it's just ... when someone's away from you for so long-- you kind of... definitely not forget.. but, adjust and adapt to them not being here, and you find new friends, like Ally, Mb and tiffany..

Mb just texted back she's gonnna come by around 1, we'll probably do the usual, listen to music, talk shit, paint nails, drink coffee, paint, do art, act like ze russians (we pretend we're russian all the time).
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