Thursday, November 10, 2011

Don't you hate it when you have an appointment right in the middle of your day? Like NOON for example

Because I do, there's nothing worse than an appointment that for one, you dread, for second, is right in the middle of the day.  I don't know if i should start working out now and get it over with, or if i should blog, get some of my work done, then shower.... i feel like i need to shower before my appointment, but then i have to come back and workout. UGH, screw my life ;).  I put far too much thought into everything.

My mom has been asking me to make a christmas wishlist, so i made 3 from the 3 different websites  want things from: charlotte russe, victorias secret and amazon.  Each wishlist is like a whopping $500.  Damnit, i wish we were rich.  Not working (i am technically now, but still waiting for money to come out of it), is dreadful.  Although i like the flexibility of being able to do whatever i want, not having guaranteed money every 2 weeks sucks.  So i'm almost near my breaking point, I may just go get a job! a stupid minimum wage job!

I started reading THE SECRET, last night.

Well i finished my book on self esteem yesterday, and started my new one! THE SECRET, i have skimmed through it, read bits and pieces since i got it at some point this year, i think in the summer.  But now I am actually reading it cover to cover.  I got to page 20 last night~ this book is AMAZING, and i recommend it to anybody that is interesting in bettering themselves really, or even people that don't think they need to better themselves, this book will teach you great things, and really great ways to view life and goals.  It's all based on *the law of attraction* What you think, is what you get.  I think it's very true, and the book explains all about how the secret works, what the law of attraction is, and examples of it taking place in peoples lives.  I think this book is good enough to possibly live by- it could be someones religion, really!
A few snippets from the book:
*the secret is the law of attraction, everything that's coming into your life, you are attrracting into your life.  And it's attracted to you by virtue of the images your holding in your mind.  It's what you're thinking.  Whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting to you!
* Religions: Hinduism, hermetic traditions, christianity, islam, judaism, and buddhism delivered the secret through their writings and stories.  It was even recorded in stone in 3000 BC.  It began at the beginning of time!
* Your life, currently, is a reflection of your past thoughts.  That includes all the great things and all the things that aren't so great. You attract to you what you think about most, it is easy to see what your dominant thoughts have been on in every subject of your life, because that is what you have experienced.  Until now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now you're learning the secret and you can change anything and everything!
~ the part of this book (that i read last night) that i found so unbelievably interesting, and concluded my "wonders" about the secret is:
The law of attraction doesn't compute "don't, not, or no" or any other words of negation, when you use those words this is what the law of attraction is recieving:
for example
* i don't want to gain weight ~~~ the law of attractions translation: "i want to gain weight"
* i don't want a bad haircut ~~~ translation "i want a bad haircut"
* i don't want anyone to be rude to me~~~ translation "i want people to be rude to me"
 Interesting, huh?
I plan on writing tidbits from my reading often in my blog, i hope all you readers find it interesting and feel free to leave comments! I'm so excited to complete this book!

Another few books i'd like to recommend are...

i read this book years ago, not really a "janice fan" i started it anyways.  I was very impressed with her insight on the modeling industry.  She shares great (and some are hilarious) stories about Hollywood and the nightlife scene in the 80's and early 90's.  She shares memories with Charlie Sheen and even JFK Jr.  She shines a light on herself that has never been shown on tv to my knowledge.  I read this book in 2 days that's how interested i was in it! I'd recommend it to any female that either likes Janice Dickinson, enjoys memoirs/biographies or that takes interest in fashion and the modeling industry.  I'ts a great read, I'd probably give it 4/5 stars!
Playground, is by far, hands down my all time favorite memoir, or book for that matter.  Jennifer Saginor is the daughter of Hugh Hefners physician from the 70's-80's, and even up to the 90's (i believe).  In this amazing memoir, she writes about how it was growing up at the playboy mansion with her "far from average" father.  She grows up in somewhat of a dysfunctional life.  Experiencing drugs, sex and popularity she shares her story with interesting stories from the infamoius playboy mansion.  This book by far got 5/5 stars for me! I would recommend this book to ANYBODY!

This is the book that i just finished reading yesterday.  It was recommended to me by my counselor.  Since i've been in this on-and-off abusive relationship with the Ex, we've both watched my self esteem slowly, but surely slip out the window.  This book has helped me recognize self esteem for what it is, remember my values, get grip on my feelings about who I am, and it also includes great exercises (which really helped me) teaching how to find your self esteem, target what caused your self esteem to drop and defeat it.  I believe that books like this should be required for reading in schools.  It just gives you a great in-depth look on the different factors that determine your self esteem.  By the end of the book, i think about things in a completely different ways, i'm able to recognize thoughts that shouldn't be there and i now recognize (somewhat) of my self worth.  This is a great book for anyone who has been feeling down on themselves! I also plan to add bits and pieces from this book in my later blog posts :)

 Last but not least, i picked this book up this past weekend at a used bookstore, I plan to read it in addition to The Secret.  It has 5 stars on every website that i've looked at.  It's written by a psychologist who has discovered and done studies on THE POWER OF MINDSET.  She explains why it's not just our abilities and talent that bring us success-- but how we approach our goals and if we're using a FIXED OR GROWTH MINDSET.  She explains why praising children's intelligence and ability doesn't actually create success, if anything, it jeopardizes it.  Carol Dweck also digs deep into what all GREAT teachers, athletes, CEOs and parents already know.  She shows how a simple idea about the brain can create a love of learning and better ways to cope with stress,  that is the basis of accomplishment in every area.

FEEL FREE TO POST ANY BOOKS THAT YOU RECOMMEND, i love memoirs, biographies and self help books.  I am always interested in trying a fictional novel, however, i have a hard time continuing to read them- i tend to get bored fast. I'M ALWAYS OPEN TO RECOMMENDATIONS and appreciate any that you lovers give me <3.
The few fiction books that i have read that i enjoyed were-- The Twilight Series, Roald Dahl, Candace Bushnell, i've read a few CHUCK PALAHNIUK and they're very bizarre, and i love that.  And of course; the ultimate classic, the novel and movie that brought my love for Tinkerbell at a young age, and that still makes my heart flutter whenever i pick it up and read a page, PETER PAN, by J.M. BARRIE.  I'm sure i've read many others when i was younger that I loved and cannot remember.

I believe this comes from THE SECRET, I know it's somehow related because of how this graphic looks, BUT, i have not seen it in MY book yet.  There are also other books that can be read in addition to THE SECRET, and this may be an excerpt from one of those books! I thought this was a very motivational and just, all around good way to look at life, i think it's a great way to be- ALTHOUGH IT'S HARD- it's something that i plan on writing and posting in my bathroom, on the refridgerator and in my bedroom <3

Oh, how i love Peter Pan <3
This is exactly what I love about Chuck Palahniuk, He has such a realistic view  and is amazing at capturing how we truely feel as humans, and he has such an amazing way of putting it into words.. This quote is just so legitimate, I remember when i was reading the book, pulling out a highlighter to highlight that verse because it's so legitimate to how i feel at the end of a relationship. **coughcough, now, but he's done nothing to make his life good, so i currently don't feel that way ;)**

aw, my Peter Pan, <3 one day i'll find my dream  Peter.

i know you guys are anxious to see my bookshelf, right?


anywhoo, my lovers--- I'm going to continue drinking my coffee, chain smoking, trying to find something to wear-- and all around DREADING my appointment ( SO sick of having to go every week)... <3 
I'm sure i'll post more later, until then xoxo

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