Friday, November 18, 2011

DIY: crafty tray! use it anywhere, use it for anything!


I bought this tray at A.C. Moore for $4.99, my motive behind this, is my bed.  It's fluffy has about 10 pillows, 2 comforters, and many blankets.  My remotes are constantly lost... I will keep this tray on my bed with remotes and cell phone.

I started off with my lovely zebra print duct tape which i bought at A.C. Moore for $3.95 ( also bought it in leopard print). I lined up the 2 outside walls, not the handle sides.  Luckily the duct tape was just perfectly wide enough to work!

I then lined up the inside with white computer paper so that when i paint the lines come out even.

I painted the area around the handles, black.

To add a girly touch, while the black paint was still wet, i sprinkled some pink glitter on top , and  shook it over the trash can for the excess glitter to land in the trash rather than on my floor and bed.

After painting the inner-walls black, i painted the bottom PINK! As you can see, some pink got onto the black part, which i just covered with black paint.

I then painted the bottom rims pink (use a small brush to keep things inside the lines!!)

Here are the paints i used:
*DECOART TWINKLES in Multi twinkles.
*MY STUDIO paint in Azalea Pink
* DecoArt Glamour Dust in Celebration Pink
* FolkArt paint in Sugar Plum
*Folk art paint in Metallic Sequin Black.
I mixed the 3 pinks together for the color i got in the center of my tray, i mainly used the sugarplum pink for the mix.

Throughout the process (although acrillyc paint dries pretty fast) i left it outside for quicker drying.

Glue some of your favorite pictures in the center with rubber cement.

Paint over those pictures with "MOD PODGE" As you can see i got the orange bottle because it dries clear.

Don't like the picture idea? You can also write a big quote in the middle, use stencils or stickers for a more  "polished and neat" look, you could also try stickers which i have in the background of this photo.  I would suggest mod modging over the stickers, though.

Another great idea is to use lace! Adds a much more elegant look.  I would staple the lace there by opening your stapler (with the bottom dangling).

I added rhinestones to mine! (typical, right?)
Start off by picking up the rhnestones and "e6000ing them to the side... I use tweezers to keep my fingers clean of glue!

I did a "zig-zag" up and down pattern with pink and purple rhinestones.  However you chose to design the rhinestones, or where you put the rhinestones on the tray is completely up to you! I may add more to mine at a later time!

this was a really cheap "diy/craft" Although i already had the paint, the duct tape, and the rhinestones, it's still pretty cheap and fun.  You'll have left over supplies that i'm sure you can use in another one of my up and coming tutorials.  <3 Let me know if you have any questions about the instructions and please post in your blog (it would be nice if you could credit with me with a link in your blog) i look forward to seeing pictures, comment with a link to your blog when you post your pics and i'll definitely check them out! xoxo - Ljay

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