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a beauty review for you! :)


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Well, this week i've had the pleasure of trying out MULTIPLE beauty products and i'd like to share my opinions with you.  I'd also like to share that i; in no way, shape, or form am getting paid to write this review.  It comes from the heart and i mean everything i say :)
So onto the good stuff....

 So, i found a beautifulll, beautifulllllll color by Sally Hansen's "insta-dry" line.  The shade is called "SLICK SLATE"  I could rant for hours about how amazing the formula for this line is.  Sally Hansen's insta-dry makes it a breeze to paint your nails. One thing i love about it is the "wider brush" it makes it easier for "unsteady hands" to brush a coat on in one swipe! I do two rounds of swipes over my fingernails and not only does each coat dry in approximately 1 minute (probably less, i just don't risk it), it also dries shiny.  This nailpolish also has a good life, it usually wears for about a week, which is typically how long i wear mine for.  It would stay on for 2 weeks, only chipped.  However, wearing a topcoat (which Sally Hansen Insta-Dry DOES                           make), your nails will be great for a few weeks! The one downfall about this line, i'd have to say would be the lack of selection when it comes to colors.  I feel like there are rarely new shades to pick from.

 All in all, Sally Hansen's insta-dry is a winner.   Pick up a bottle from your local drugstore, supermarket, or grocery store! I promise you won't be disappointed!

Incase you're just now coming to my blog, or missed my post on, I strongly urge you to sign up! It's a more "female-ish" website.  It is invite-only and feel free to leave your email address for an invite- Follow me, and lets have fun pinning.  The website works like this- You can follow people and you can follow them.  You install a "Pin It" button for your tool bar, if you're browsing the web and see something you like, hit that button -- a pop up comes up and you can save it to your profile on the website.  You're given different "boards" you can use them, rename them, delete them, create more.  A few examples of boards I have are-- Hair ideas, art ideas, cute clothes, favorite things, gift ideas, drawing ideas.  It's a website filled with pictures with links to the original website posted by users... You contribute to the "way too cool madness" by pinning things in your everyday internet activity.  You can also "re pin" other users' findings while browsing the site.  I have found so many awesome craft ideas from pinterest, I have completely ignored facebook and become an addict to and strongly urge you to also! Let's start "pinning"

Another website similar to, is  They operate the same exact way, only i notice that the findings are different.  I'm on Pinterest more, but still look at very often for the same things. does not require an invite.  Check it out while you're at it :)

ULTA.COM Get to your Christmas shopping ASAP!
Ulta is my favorite place to shop, i prefer it over Sephora because of the great deals.  Incase you all don't get the paper and go through to check out the ads and deals that are in the middle of the paper... IT'S OK! because i'm here to fill you in, on ULTA, atleast.

It is the perfect time to get some holiday shopping done! Over the years i've let presents/gifts stress me out.  There's nothing worse then having to buy for somebody who you don't know all that well, or to have to buy on a strict budget.  Secret santas, presents for teachers and coaches, having to shop for distant family members, whom, as embarassing as it is to say-- you don't know that well... I have good news for you, i will help all of you this Christmas with ideas i've come across over the years and i have to say.. I'm a pretty-damn-good-gift-giver.  Working at Hallmark also helped my ability in knowing what is right for what occasions, age groups, and people!! So here I am, Superwoman of the Holidays!
First of all, 
STILA holiday daydream palette $18.  It's a $111 value.  There are 20 colors in it, and they're seperated in a rose shaped pattern.  It would be a great gift for anybody!
BENEFIT all decked out $32.  a $67 value.  This is an awesome deal and i'm a huge Benefit fan.  Again, this is only available at ULTA.  This awesome kit comes with the porefessonal, some kind of gorgeous, and benetint.  I've only used "Porefessional" a few times.  It's basically a primer and moisturizer it is supposed to help reduce the size of pores.  Benetint is a tinted blush, its in a liquid consistency, it works great for anyone who loves blush.  My favorite of 3 is "some kind of gorgeous" it's a cream to powder foundation/powder.  I can't seem to really put my finger on which it would technically be classified as.  I can usually use some of this with bronzer over it and need nothing else.  It's a medium coverage compact it has a very smooth finish and doesn't look cakey like most creamy powders.  This is a great deal for the 3 and it would make a great gift for yourself or any other woman!

SMASHBOX "SNAP YOU'RE FAB"-- $30.  A $96 value.  There are 6 shades of lipglosses, 4 are smaller sizes and 2 are the standard sizes.  I'm a huge smashbox lipgloss fan.  I usually stick with lipstick or nothing, i'm not a HUGE gloss fan --- however, i absolutely love Smashbox.  The colors are very pretty and are very versatile, any skin complexion/lady could use these shades.  What i couldn't get over is how great of a deal it is, and i think it's a perfect gift because everyone likes lipgloss, it's a nice brand, nice variety, like i said the colors are for anybody.  It's simple, yet such a great thing to recieve!

TOO FACED beautiful dreamer 6 pc. makeup collection $46!!!!! FREAKING RAD!
Okay this made me super excited and i'm so thrilled to go to ULTA tomorrow and buy this for myself first thing. First of all it includes an eyeshadow quad, lipgloss, blush/bronzer duo (MY FAVE BEAUTY PRODUCT, i love achieving that healthy glow and TOO FACED always has great eyeshadows, blushes and bronzers), a full sized mascara and their awesome 2-in-1 eyeshadow and eyeshadow primer in Candlelight.  LAST BUT NOT LEAST, they had to go over the top and make it unforgettable by including a cosmetic bag with the set to make it even cuter! I love the shades that are included in this kit.  The blush/bronzer is the perfect shade for anybody and it absolutely does not give off the orangy/streaky effect, the lipgloss is in a light shimmering pink which again, works for anybody.  This, again, not to sound like a broken record is an awesome gift! Any woman/girl/lady/old lady/teenager could use this and love it.  I can't think of one reason not to get this, it's valued at $128 so not only is it a deal, it's awesome.  

Are you a fan of PHILOSOPHY products? Do you need a gift for the most simple woman you know? That doesn't wear makeup/ you're stumped on what to buy? These sets are great for that.
PEACE ON EARTH DUO - $20 this is awesome, it's a 4 pc. set with shampoo, bubble bath, shower gel, and body lotion.  It, of course, comes in adorable packaging.  It smells of "orchids".  If you do the math that is $5 per bottle (8 oz.) which is really a great value.  Philosophy is so popular and using their products really is a treat.  Great gift for a family member, teacher, friend, aquaintance, co-worker, etc.  Because no matter how simple somebody is, everyone deserves to be pampered!
Another awesome value.  Includes Shampoo, lipgloss, shower gel, bubble bath and body lotion (yeah i don't get why it's called a "trio" either).  Everything smells like candy canes, and of course Philosophy has gorgeous packaging!
Check it out!

The holiday season is a time to enjoy the ones you love, give back to others and your community, and give thanks for all that you're blessed with... Don't let stress take over what's important this season! Let the countdown begin :)

Here are some quotes to get you thinking, get you feeling positive, give you hope. Let's get inspired, i hope these do for you-what they did for me.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it's called the present.
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's learning to dance in the rain.
Anyone who hasn't made a mistake, has never tried anything new 
**Albert Einstein
There are no shortcuts to any place worth going 
**Helen Keller
The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.
**Louis E. Boone

Don't forget--- Live Laugh Love,
Lauren Jay

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