Monday, November 14, 2011

100 questions

If you could have another name, what would it be?
Hmm... tough one.  I love the names- Jayde, Allison, Lacey and Layla.
What is your favorite place you've visited?
As boring as it sounds-- Charleston, South Carolina.  It's such a beautiful and quiet town, there are historical parts, great shopping, and the scenery is just beautiful, the weather is always nice, and MY WONDERFUL GRANDMA AND GRANDPA LIVE THERE-- and MY AWESOME AUNT LISA! :) I always have a blast there, and have definitely considered moving there.
What do you consider the easiest age/the hardest age?
The easiest age for me .. I'm honestly, not sure.  I can't even answer that question, i'd probably go with a very young age, when there weren't responsibilities and expectations. (Elementary-years)

I would have to say the hardest age for me was 15-- My parents had just gotten a divorce and i was very confused and vulnerable.  I also just started highschool, nobody from my middle school ended up going to my highschool, i felt very ALONE and it was hard for me to feel like i fit in at first. I missed my father living at home.
As a child, what were your favorite toys? (add pics of specific toys you remember for some nostalgia!)
I'm beginning to have too much fun-- I searched on google and it was crazy to see these toys i remember loving so much-- i'm almost tempted to go in my storage room and pull them out!
AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS! i had 2 that you can pick to look like yourself, Kirsten, Molly,  Felicity and i THINK i had Molly.

Disney figurines- My mom would buy me a few everytime we'd go to the disney store!

Again-- Kirsten my very first american girl doll!

Magic Attic dolls!!! I believe her name was Megan :)

The other magic attic doll i had named, Heather.

SKY DANCERS!!! i only had one but i loved it!

I also had A LOT Of other toys i loved BARBIES, PLAYDOUGH, ETC. i plan to do a whole post on nostalgic toys now that i got to thinking...

Who are your idols, why?
*Edie Sedgwick- She was beautiful, free spirited and i can relate to her in a lot of ways, i feel like she's my 60's counterpart!
*Megan Fox- I love how unique she is, her beauty is absolutely breathtaking, and i think she's very intelligent
*Tinkerbell- always has been, always will be. I love her in every single way!
How would you describe your look?
That's a tough one, i consider myself to have lots of looks.  I am very individual in the way that i can look like a hippie one day- and a top fashion model the next. 
What is your favorite thing about your appearance?
I think i was blessed with a good figure, and i love the beauty mark on my left side above my lip:)
What are your hobbies?
Art, Doing make-up (cosmetology), writing, exercising, reading, watching tv and movies (being a lazy bum), Shopping, going to the tanning bed, doing my nails--- etc.
What are your 4 favorite sit-down restaurants?
MELLOW MUSHROOM, Olive garden, Asahi sushi, Pf Changs.
What are your favorite songs of all time (up to 10)?
The wheel in the sky-Journey
Ghost- Florence and the Machine
Mermaids and Pirates- Blue Sky Project
Swimming - Florence and the machine
Borderline - Madonna
Little Wing - Jimi Hendrix
If 6 was 9 - Jimi Hendrix
Kozmic blues - Janis Joplin
Soul shine - Allman Brothers
Rolling stone- bob dylan
... hmmm....
What were your favorite movies as a child?
SLEEPING BEAUTY, PETER PAN, The Parent Trap, Hook, The Wizard Of Oz, Life- Size, and of course ANYTHING Mary Kate and Ashley.
What are your favorite movies now?
Peter Pan, Factory Girl, Blow, Knocked up, Wonderland, Superbad, Pineapple express, and i still do like all the movies from my childhood, i just don't watch them every week like i used to :)
What were your favorite TV shows as a child?
There was a show--- It was with "real people" as i used to say (not cartoons) and it was Alice and Wonderland, I loved all MaryKate and Ashley shows-- Like, So Little Time, Two Of A Kind, their "MYSTERY" show, Full House,
What are your favorite TV shows now?
I'm a reality-show Junkie, I like celebrity rehab, Dirty soap, Girls Next Door, The Hills, Sex and The City... etc.
What are your feelings towards technology, overall?
I feel like technology is great because it truely does make life easier- being able to find directions on the internet, being able to search and find pictures of pretty much anything, communication (email, social networking, IM, etc).  However, technology can also be a complete invasion of privacy, like i talked about in an earlier post-- criminals using technology to find out when people won't be home to break in their homes, or your personal information being available to ANYBODY on the web.  It has it's up and downs.  I believe everyone deserves privacy, and the internet doesn't exactly invade that-- it's the people that take the time to.
What is your favorite time of the year?
October-December- I'ts so beautiful out in October, the leaves are changing colors and the weather is just absolutely phenomenal. It's time to get close with your family for the holidays.  There is always excitement over presents, gift shopping, i love wrapping gifts, seeing family you don't get to see often and so forth.
What are your favorite holidays?
Without a doubt- Halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas.
If you had up to 10 free grabs on designers, what would they be?
Louboutin heels, Louis Vuitton Damier speedy 30, Chanel quilted chain purse, a Chanel classic tweed-suit, Gucci Horsebit Hobo bag, Authentic Chanel necklace, Burberry Jacket, Prada fairy bag, Miu Miu purse, Balenciaga hobo.
Name 7 beauty products you cannot live without?
Bedhead after party, Glamflauge concealer, Burts bees acai berry chapstick, Almay or Prestige liquid eyeliner, Dior mascara, Bare minerals powder in warmth, Face tonic mask
Who are your best friends, why? (include pictures)
My lovely Sara, we've been best friends since highschool when she  first moved here from Saudi Arabia, Shes originally from Sweden, and has just recently left me to move to Holland, she's such a supportive and beautiful person.  She helped me get through, and overcome some really tough spots growing up.  I adore her and she'll always be my best "from highschool" friend.  She'll be my maid of honor.

Louis --- Although we used to date, he's become such a good friend.   He's one of the few people i can honestly say loves me and cares about me unconditionally.  He's such a sweet person.

My lovely Allison Ballan-- She was somebody who i could connect with , ALWAYS.   I have never met somebody who is so similar to me, it was so weird.  I loved helping her, giving her advice and making her smile.  I had some of the funnest times of my life with her.  She's no longer physically here due to an act of violence, i miss her more and more everyday, the only thing that has slowly healed my heart is "time".  I'd do anything to have her back here with me.  I know she's happy in heaven and our memories will live forever, i know her spirit watches over me. <3

Mr. muthaF'n Jp.  He's been one of my bestfriends since kindergarten, he has such an amazing ability to make me laugh at any time, he cheers me up whenever i'm sad and i absolutely love every inch of him.  He has the ability to make my heart smile everytime we talk.  He's such a sweetpea, and will always be one of my best friends.

Last but far from least- Marybeth the fairybeth- she's such an intelligent, beautiful person.  In ways we're complete opposites, in other ways we're completely the same.  The thing i love most about our friendship is all we need is makeup, art supplies and a camera and we can make the funnest times out of nothing.  We could be in a room with nothing in it and laugh hysterically doing "russian accents" or talking about someone.  We have the amazing ability of making eachother laugh hysterically.  The memories i have with her are pretty epic and unforgettable.  Oh, and we both ABSOLUTELY love fairies... actually she's the only gal i've ever met who has the same obsession as i do in them.  We find joy and laughter in the smallest things- like drawing something stupid, talking in a funny way, creating a dance to an old backstreet boys song, reading  elementary school assignments, etc. I love my Mabs <3

What was the hardest moment of your life?
Not hearing from ally in 3 days, going to check in on her and finding her murdered in her home.
Name 3 addictions you have?
Cigarettes, Diet Pepsi and Laughter.
What would be you dream day in meals?
A panera everything bagel with veggie cream cheese for breakfast
a sushi roll for lunch
an apple and peanut butter for a snack
and alfredo pasta with a piece of a baguette for dinner
cheesecake or a brownie for dessert- or frozen yogurt with toppings.
What is your .. favorite wine? beer? liqour/liqor?
Wine = white zinfandel 
Beer= Blue moon with an orange.
Skinny bitch mixed drink- Jack Daniels and Diet coke.
If you could go back in time and tell yourself something at a particular age or rough time, what would it be?
What are traits you dislike in another person?
Liars, Thiefs, Manipulators, JEALOUS PEOPLE.
What are you favorite candies?
Milkyway, skittles, m&m, snickers, reeses, sourpatch kids.
What are 5 ideal meals that are healthy and can promote weight loss?
*Protein smoothie (yogurt, banana, splash of milk, protein powder, ice)
*Salad with spinach, lettuce, olives, chickpeas, red onion, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, some feta cheese, light dressing 
* Turkey sandwich on wholegrain with veggies and mustard (no mayo). pickles.
* Grilled chicken or shrimp with brown rice or whole grain pasta and steamed vegetables.
* Hummus platter- hummus, cucumbers, lunchmeat, crackers, carrots

What exercise would you recommend (daily) for someone trying to lose weight?
20-30 minutes cardio daily (increase as you continue to exercise)
20 minutes of toning- you can find several of toning routines online, or in fitness magazines.
Name 5 celebrities you'd like to have dinner with, why?
Megan fox- she is so intelligent i'd love to talk to her, and look at her because she's so beautiful
Seth Rogen- I'd love to laugh hysterically, and possibly ask him to marry me.
Snooki- She's just hilarious and i'd be very curious to see the side of her that's not on a crazy reality show.
Hugh hefner- he's created a freaking empire for crying out loud, he's such an intelligent, sweet and warm man.  Who is a classic gentleman- i'd also like to move into the mansion.
Jonah Hill- Duh. Freaking Hilarious
Whats your overall take on relationships (romantic)?
No relationship is worth being in if it doesn't bring happiness, You should never be left wondering if a plan is going to go through, If you have any questions on if your happy or not-- don't be in it.
What 5 places do you dream of traveling?
Italy, Greece, California, New York, Amsterdam.
If you could change 5 things about the USA, what would they be?
For people to open their eyes to the world's problems and for everyone to do one helpful thing a day.
For everyone to stop judging one another, we should all love eachother and want the best for everyone
Legalization of marijuana.
For all stranded and "pound pets" to have a happy home.
What are your 5 favorite scents?
Lola by Marc jacobs, anything pumpkin, TWILIGHT WOODS bath and body works, Chance by Chanel, Dark Kiss by bath and body works.
5 things every person should make time to do
get 15 minutes of sun (vitamin D)
Get 8 hours + sleep everynight
To spend 2 hours doing something YOU want to do, something relaxing, something that makes YOU happy.
How do you feel about bullys and bullying?
Bullying in a nutshell is pointing your fingers at other people and making fun of them to make yourself feel better or more adequate.  Bullys are weak people and i think it's cruel.  I've watched people get bullyed growing up.. I absolutely hate it, have never been a part of it, and have always tried my best to stop it.
What are your 5 favorite flowers?
Sunflowers, Daisy, Lotus flower, Hibiscus, Lillies
5 Fashion items/statements you HATE?
Crocs, Jeans with sneakers, flipflops with socks, "mom jeans", Hair with roots- or the attempt to die blonde, ending up with brassy orange.
3 things fantasy you wish were reality?
Fairies, Mermaids, Neverland, 
5 dream cars/favorite cars?
Sorry i'm not a car person--- but this will do it

What would your dream home look like? (Describe and add pics)
Although, i don't think i'll acutally have my whole house pink, this is just completely rad to me.  The reason why i want this funky-ness is because i think that it keeps you young, the bright colors keep you happy and it's creative which i love!

Dream outfits: casual, workout, going out, date, sleep, red carpet?
*Casual is what i consider leggings and a slouchy tee, jeans and a tee, sweats and a tee or hoodie.  But then i also kind of have another kind of "casual" in my head.  I think a flirty sundress is casual.  Anyways, i think that i would have to say my favorite casual wear around the house is a pair of yoga pants and a tank, or shorts and a cute bandshirt.  When i go run arrands and am not too worried about what i look like BUT i have this thing about going out in sweatpants, UNLESS, i have the right shoes to go with them, the right hairstyle, the right accessories and a MATCHING JACKET!! See? I'm crazy OCD.  So i always end up just putting on jeans a tank top and a cute hoodie, or if it's spring/summer a cute little sundress or maxidress with sandals and a pair of chunky earrings.  I cannot stress how much i love leggings and tunics, they're easy to throw on-- very comfertable ( like i could work out in it- comfertable) and you can wear sandals, little sneakers, toms, or boots.  It is by far my favorite outfit to throw on to go meet a friend for lunch or coffee.
Ideal day of perfection?
To wake up get some coffee have a cigarette, plan out what i want to do with my day, start the day off with some yoga.  After yoga, i would like to continue drinking my coffee and talk to my mother, a girlfriend, or my beautiful grandmother because they always bring light to  my day.  I'd browse the internet, watch morning shows, visit my favorite websites and check my emails.  I'd workout for an hour, shower get pampered and pretty for the day, If it's sunny lay out in the sun and read my favorite book or listen to my favorite music.  After that i'd do arts and crafts, then go shopping, to a delicious dinner, come home and watch a movie.
If you had $1,000,000,000, what would you do with it?
That's a really tough question.  First, i'd give some to my immediate family, and some small bits to other people in my family that need it.  I'd buy my brother a car.  I'd buy my mother a small house and pay for some nice furniture and decor to go inside it.  I'd buy myself a car and a home.  I'd furnish my home beautifully.  I'd of course go shopping.  I'd also donate a huge bit of my money to the ASCPA , NEDA, and of course any kind of program to help starving children in the US.  I'm also a strong believer in not just forking out money (although it ALWAYS HELPS), i'd like to give my time.  Giving your time and efforts to make another person in the world smile is so crucial to me.  The rest i'd be sure to save away.  I don't know much about investing, however, I would definitely research some way to invest my money to possibly make more.  I definitely wouldn't want to blow my money on stupid things that i'll regret later.
Describe any ways technology has gone too far, or it has been abused?
* I think it's wrong for people to use technology to find out where people are to have a "go" at breaking into their homes * I think it's ridiculous to "check in" to places on facebook.  * I think it's wrong for people to start "hate groups" via the internet.  *I think that using the internet to make a plan to commit a crime easier is horrible.  * I absolutely hate the websites i've seen encouraging women to have an eating disorder, it's absolutely heartbreaking.  Or websites encouraging suicide.  * Now pictures/sex videos are sent and get out so much quicker then before,   **All in all, good and bad comes from the internet-- however, i am not against it.  I think it's a part of today, and i'm VERY thankful for the positive things you can get and learn out of/from the internet.
What are your top 5 priorities in life?
*Family&Friends *Happiness *Health *Work (finances) *Education
What were your biggest fears as a child?
Being kidnapped, the monster under my bed and/or in my closet, spiders, 
What are your biggest fears now?
Spiders, murder, being kidnapped, and i often have dreams of being locked in a facility and just not being able to get out back to my loved ones.
5 famous people you hate?
Ha, you mean "infamous"?
*Spencer Pratt -
1. your a smart ass   2. you'll do anything for 5 minutes of fame  3. i watched the hills, your a controlling and posessive boyfriend   4. you treat nobody with respect    5. you think your the shit and you're not, you're a very disgraceful person.   6. It's clear you only use people.
*Courtney Stodden- Okay, i kinda threw her in the mix but i can't say i hate her (or any of these celebrities- i just "dislike" them).  I'm not sure exactly what she's famous for- which really ticks me off.  The few times i've heard her speak she's fake, very stupid, seems to be a golddigger, and seems to be the typical "5 minutes of fame whore."  I'll do my research.. But isn't she 17? she looks like she's in her 30's.  And what is she doing with that old man? is that LEGAL?
*Michael Lohan- I don't want to judge- but all i see here is a sickman who has susbtance abuse issues, and goes out of his way to speak to the media and to do anything to get 5 minutes of fame, at first it was through his daughter, Lindsay.  Now he just gets publicity for basically being a horrible addict, it's a shame, i have a lot of empathy and love for lindsay.
*Joan Rivers- What a critical bitch.  Sorry you ugly wrinkly old hag, everyone has their own sense of style, sorry we don't all dress like you ( thank god! ) Maybe you should stop judging other people, unless you want all of those people to start making fun of your 198234 facelifts gone wrong.
* Miley Cyrus- Sick of hearing about her.  Bless her heart.  How old is she? 17? Or did she FINALLY turn 18? Well i wouldn't know because the media is so busy TEARING her down for being a young girl and making a few small mistakes-- but really for the most part, doing the same godd*** things i did when i was her age.  I guess I don't hate HER,  but i'm sick of hearing about her.
What do you hope for in life?
I hope for happiness, love, and laughter.  To always have hope in myself, those i love and my dreams.  To always go the extra mile for things i want and to not give up.  I hope for my immediate family to stay a part of my life, and to continue to be my main support.  I also hope to start a family of my own and to find the man of my dreams.  I will never "settle" for the man of my dreams, i'd rather be single then be in an unhappy relationship.
What are 3 pieces of jewelry you own that have sentimental 
value/you can't live without?
1. the pearl ring my grandmother gave me around 8 years ago.
2. a good pair of big stud earrings
3. My cameo ring, from Ally.
Wishes you'd grant for 5 family members?
10 of your favorite patterns?
Baroque, leopard print, zebra print, snakeskin, pink camo, houndstooth, tweed, tie dye, hmm....
3 favorite cosmetic looks?
I absolutely love cat eyes.  My grandmother has done the "cat eye" for years, i find it elegant and unique.  It's so beautiful and takes any normal eye and transforms it into a dainty cute eye. 
This is definitely the Glam look.  I love this look for really, pretty much, anytime.  It's beautiful and sexy without being slutty or overdone in the least bit.  This is perfection to me.  She looks absolutely stunning- this is typically the look i go for when i go out for drinks or any type of event that i could dress up in the tad bit. (Other photo listed last)

Behold the natural look.  Natural to me is exactly this-- light eye shadow, light mascara, lip gloss.  The eye shadow opens up, and lightens your eyes, the mascara opens up your eyes of course and lengthens your eyelashes which really helps shape your eyes, the lip gloss is a beautiful, and optional touch to accentuate and pout your lips for a more luscious and full look

The pin-up look.  This is just a classic! I have a hard time believing the pin-up look looks bad on anyone.  The eyeliner adds this beautiful shape to your eye and the lipstick adds a pop of boldness to your face and of course, pumps those beautiful lips to create a sexy look.  <3
This is the same look that megan fox has in picture 2, I added this picture because with the eyes closed it helps you better know how to apply the shadow.

Your on an island for a week, alone, on vacation.  You won't see another soul, what would you pack?
Clothes, general beauty products, Salon tanning lotion, Laptop (music, work communication), Clothes, My purse.
Up to 10 favorite pieces of furniture (can be dream-furniture, or furniture you own)?

Yes, I need this bed!

Favorite superhero? why?
Hmm... That's honestly so tough, i'm gonna have to cheat and say -- catwoman, wonderwoman and poison ivy.
Favorite cartoons growing up?
I really liked pretty much anything.. My personal favorites were totally spies, powerpuff girls, ANYTHING DISNEY, and of course-- the typical bugs bunny and gang.
As a child, what was your favorite---Disney channel, Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon?
Disney channel without a doubt, i did like the other two as well.
What were the hardest things to understand as a child?
Hmmm. i don't know about this question, kind of confusing.
What did you "want to be when you grew up" as a child?
I wanted to be a singer, a movie star, a dancer, a teacher, a mother.
Are you messy or clean?
I can be messy, but I would consider myself 80% clean, i'm good at organizing and tend to keep things pretty tidy.
What cartoon character do you feel you most-relate to?
Name 5 stuffed animals you loved growing up?
I loved-- Chips (my big beanie baby dog), i loved my tye dye large beanie baby stuffed bear, i had a beautiful cat stuffed animal with a princess crown and gorgeous sequined wings, hmmmm......
What were the hardest moments of--
Elementary-Going through the testing of "ADD/ADHD."  In second grade my teacher suggested to my parents that i may have ADD, i had to go do all this testing then starting taking adderal everyday.  I remember changing doses, not understanding why i had to take a pill everyday.  I hated being called to the office to take it, i felt so different than others.  It made me not want to eat my lunch.  I still remember my teacher making really rude comments to me when i'd venture off topic in class.  I just felt lost.
Middle-Middleschool was the hardest part of my life.  In 7th grade I matured faster than most the girls that were in my "pod".  I went to a "year round school" I was on track 3.  A pod is created by a group of kids according to grade/track.  A lot of girls in my pod started making fun of me when i began developing.  They would say i was getting "fat".  They even called me a "slut" for having a boyfriend and kissing him.  A lot of these girls were "supposedly" my friends, and they just turned on me.  I'll never forget when i began wearing thongs in 7th grade.  The first time i wore my thong i went to a birthday party of my girlfriends'.  It was at a community center and they had rented out a "room-kinda-deal".. I guess i bent over-- and like everyone else when your young, my thong poked out a bit, all of a sudden all of the girls at the party turned on me and wouldn't talk to me and called me a "whore".  I still remember leaving and sobbing the whole way home.  My mom was so upset that other children were so rude.  I was never a bully and never made fun of people.  I felt so insecure.  On top of that, the "boyfriend", ended up breaking up with me after we got to "second base".  He went around school and told everyone.  I was then "officially" the biggest "bimbo/slut/whore in school".  I was with that guy for 6 months which is like 2 years in middle school.  Once i got to highschool i met girls from other middle schools, they had experiemented sexually too and nobody was called a slut, it was common at that age.  I look back now and think that in a "year round" school , it typically attracts more straight-laced kids.  I'll never forget the feeling of abandonment i felt.
Highschool-My first few weeks in highschool was horrible, the few friends i had in middleschool went to another highschool in the area, i knew a few people at my highschool but i didn't really "bond" with them.  I remember feeling so lost my first day, all the kids looked so much older then me.  I had no classes with the few people i knew.  It was rough finding my spot.  I ended up finding my FIRST LOVE "Josh".  We were so wrapped up in eachother i never really made "friends" but had girls i talked to in different classes.  When Josh broke up wtih me a year and a half later- i was BROKEN, i couldn't breathe, i wanted to die.  I will never forget that pain that i experienced.. My heart literally ached and ached.  As i moved on , i started hanging out with the wrong crowd- smoking cigarettes, dabling in drugs, and skipping school compulsively until i was left with no option but to drop out, or fail the grade.  If i could go back in time i would stress to myself "Don't let others influence your decision, the right thing to do is go to class, drugs aren't right you've been taught that" .. I just wish i would've used my more rational thinking skills, but all those moments built up and made me the strong woman i am today <3
What clothes do you remember wearing as a child?
Limited too.  I loved pleather pants, glittery shirts, rhinestoned shirts, i had a pair of pink jeans with rhinestone studded pockets, i loved wearing glitter on my face and in my hair.  I look back on the style when i was a child (i was born in 90).  The Spice Girls were popular as well as Britney, Christina, and MaryKate and Ashley.  The "pop star-like" glitz was in style.  I loved glittery crazy colored nail polishes, dark lipliner with the light pink color inside ( yes i was too young and i did it anyways), i still remember making my babysitter buy me roll-on glitter whenever we went to the mall.  I also began to LOVE LOVE LOVE *ROXY*.  I basically lived at our beach house all summer growing up, learning to surf and making friends who loves surfing, visiting the surf shops, etc.  I became so obsessed with roxy, it's such a cute line.
Who did you idolize as a child?
LIZZIE MCGUIRE! i loved loved loved her show, thought she was so funny and had the coolest clothes & style
MADONNA- she was the first pop star i remember really seeing, my mom is a HUGE Madonna fan, i still remember her concerts being on in the "play room" where all my toys were, it was connected to the living room and the kitchen... My mom would be doing work around the house and jamming Madonna, i still know every single word.  I still remember dancing and singing along at freaking 4 years old!
MY BABYSITTER, JENNIFER- she was so cool, she was fun, she was sweet, she always had cool things to show me, and always helped me with my crafts.  She was so beautiful and had a light in her that would make me smile so big.  She always told me how beautiful and how adorable i was.  She'd give me her clothes that didn't fit her (she was like a size 00, lol.) so at age 8 i could usually fit into them.  We had so much fun and i remained very close to her until i was about 13 years old.  I still talk to her every now and then on facebook, she's now married with a son.  I'll always love her.

Who do you idolize now?
I try not to idolize anyone anmore- i try to just look up to people and learn things from them.  
I love Megan Fox because i think she's beautiful, a talented actress, i think she always has valid points and is so intelligent in the interviews i've seen her do.
I love Edie Sedgwick, like i said before, i share so much in common with her.  Her vulnerability was what i had at one point.  Hanging out with the wrong crowd, getting into the wrong things.  Somewhat feeling lost.  Being beautiful and a free spirit.  In ways i can very much so relate to her (from my past).
I love Jimi Hendrix, he's such a talented musician, he's an artist.  His songs hit my heart, i understand them and i feel them.  His way of expressing feelings and thoughts through music is so unique to me compared to most.
I know i have more, it'll take some thinking.

If you could go to 2 Hollywood events, what would they be?
EASY- MTV music awards, and PLAYBOY PARTY! (preferably Midsummer nights dream or halloween party)
5 magazines you love, why?
People style watch

6 books in your lifetime that you still remember very well?
* don't know the name, BUT, one book i still remember reading as a child (probably around 6?)  It was about this pot, and every time you put anything in the pot, it would make duplicate-- this idea still pops in my head sometimes... gosh, that would be awesome!!!!
What did you do with your friends as a child?
The "imagination" games are hilarious.  Everything from pretending to be the Spice Girls, to pretending to be the people from Sabrina, Playing house!!  I also remember running around and engaging in outdoor activities (jump rope, drawing with chalk, my trampoline, riding bikes/scooters, roller skating).  Then of course the DOLLS (barbie, american girls, baby dolls, etc.)  I loved playing school and was quite the good "fake teacher".  I think i'll always have a knack for early elementary school teaching.  I'm so crafty I feel like i am very creative and good at coming up with assignments (even in my "imaginary school").  I remember listening ot music (POP POP POP MUSIC) -- Nsync, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, BSB, Nobody's Angel, B*Witched, Mandy Moore, etc. I loved doing makeup on my friends and still remember some of their mothers comming to my mom bitching.  It's fun-- it's freaking imagination, it's not like i did a bad job.
Childhood toys you'd like your child to have?
GIRL-   barbies, dolls, crafting/art sets.
BOY- Legos, "action" figures, any art supplies to increase creativity.
Dead celebrities you'd love to meet?
Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole Smith.
3 things you plan to teach your kids at a young age?
* be honest
* do what you feel is right, be yourself, be unique, love yourself for being who you are and not being influenced by others.
* Working hard pays off- if you set your mind to anything you can have it!
5 things you'd love to learn?
*Speak Italian *Better my drawing skills *Sewing! *photo editing skills
Did you ever get made fun of growing up? why? for what? do you still get made fun of for the same thing?
I think i listed it enough during  my "childhood experiences" in school.  I do not get made fun of anymore.
How do you express your feelings?
Art, talking, writing, listening to music, the way i dress/ fashion.
5 things/qualities/noises (etc.) that drive you crazy?
Nails on a chalkboard, Lying, Jealousy, control-freaks, manipulators.
The funniest people (celebrities or friends)?
Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Adam Sandler, Joel MCcale.
How do you feel about drugs?
Drugs are the easy way out, they only put a bandage on your problem.  One day-- drugs won't be there.  
If you could have 6 careers, what would they be?
Psychologist, Teacher, model, actress, makeup artist, cosmetologisst
If you could have your own television show, what would it be about?
Just your typical reality show- i think that my life would be interesting enough.  :)
5 favorite websites?
BLOGGER, facebook, yahoo,, amazon.
10 favorite stores?
Tj maxx, amazon, victorias secrets, nordstrom, marshalls, macys, express, dsw, target, ac moore.
What are some events/scenarios that always make you cry?
anybody/anything dying, love stories.
What television characters do you love? (reality or fiction)
Pauly D, Carrie Bradshaw, Kelly Monaco, Kendra Wilkinson, Audrina Patrige, Jerry Seinfeld,
What is your favorite fast food?
Bojangles, chinese takeout, wendys, cookout.
Favorite villains?
Maleficent (sleeping beauty), Ursula (the little mermaid).
Least favorite villains?
Any kind of dog napper/ abuser in movies, kidnappers, murderers.
If you could help a group of people, based on something you've been through. Who?
A group of people with eating disorders.
Charities you'd love to give $ to (can be existing, or not)
ASCPA, Starving Children, NEDA.
Movies you'd have your child watch at a young age?
Disney movies- sleeping beauty, beauty and the beast, the little mermaid, peter pan, Toy Story

I'm going to call it a night, i'll finish this post tomorrow and i'll also be adding some new posts.

Favorite home-scents (candles, plug ins, incense, spray)?
Well, first of all, i absolutely love the smell of fall which makes me love pumpkin scents.  There is nothing i love more than the smell of pumpkin.  I also absolutely LOVE Yankee Candle, my favorite scents for Fall are- Be Thankful, Mountain lodge, Pumpkin Pie, and Pumpkin Spice (i believe that's what it's called).  I also love the smell of Lavender Vanilla.  I use Air Wick's plug ins, they work the best for generating the strongest scent, and their lavender scent is to die for! In the summer, i usually aim towards pink flowery scents and the blue "beachy" scents.  Yankee Candle has this one scent called "Sun and Sand" and i absolutely love it for the summer, it smells a lot like Bobbi Brown's "beach" perfume.  It kinda smells like sunblock, sand and the ocean mixed together.  
5 all time favorite artists?
Andy Warhol, David Garabaldi, mati rose mcdonough, Salvador Dali, Van Gogh. And i'm going to cheat and put my 6th but far from last favorite- Josephine Wall, i absolutely LOVE her paintings of fairies.
5 all time favorite art pieces?
JOSEPHINE WALL: i absolutely love her paintings.  As you all probably know by now, i'm weirdly obsessed with fairies and mermaids, so this is a given LOL.  I love the colors she uses, i love how her scenery is always so detailed, i love everything about her paintings, they're all breathtaking to me.  If i could, I'd have a room dedicated to her art. 

SALVADOR DALI: the first time i saw this photo was at a friends house, he had the poster and it was framed, it blew me away, i kept staring at it and took a picture with my cellphone and made it my wallpaper, this was the first painting that i saw of Dali's.  It's really special to me because it was so eye catching when i first saw it, this is the painting that got me obsessed with Dali and his work!

This piece by salvador dali, i believe its called the persistence of memory has always really caught my eye, i feel like in some sense i can feel what it is he was trying to express while painting this.  I love his techniques.

DAVID GARABALDI: tinkerbell in green.  If you have not heard of David Garabaldi, get on Youtube right now, and watch his technique for painting.  It will blow your mind, my father was actually talking about an artist (he couldn't remember the artist's name, and he saying how the technique was, when i said David Garabaldi's name, my father said that definitely wasn't it.  So i think there are more than 1 artist out there that use the same technique, it's just rad.

A Van Gogh favorite, i used to have the poster framed in my room.  I've always really loved skulls and i' ve always been fascinated when i think about the fact that we all have one under this skin! 

It's a classic, Starry Night by Van Gogh, i love the colors.  This has always been one of my favorite pieces of art since 1st grade when  we learned about famous art pieces in my art class with Mr. Beaty.  (ha ha!) 

When i first saw J SCOTT CAMPBELL's work, I thought it was beautiful, but i was unsure what to think of the characters he used, at first i was weary.  I've grown to absolutely love it, I would post every single painting i love, but that would be hundreds of photos by him.  Maybe i'll share all my favorites in a later post.

Andy Warhol: Muse of Edie Sedgwick.  I love this print. Like I mention below, i'm very fascinated with the factory, and the relationship that Andy and Edie shared.  I absolutely love this, if the background was pink it would be the main piece in my room above my bed.

The beautiful and adventurous, Edie Sedgwick.  I love her, i love reading about the relationship between  her  and Andy. I guess that's why i love his art, especially when Edie is featured.

Unfortunately, I don't know who the artist is of this BEAUTIFUL painting.  I adore it, i want it framed in my house ASAP, so if any of you lovely readers know who this is by PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know :) It's gorgeous.

5 projects you'd like to do/start if you had the money and/or the time?
*It's not necessarily that I can't get the money or the time, it's more so i'm a procrastinator.  I'd like to get all my photos on memory cards or discs and take them to a local drug store and have them printed, what if something happened to my computer? the majority of them would be lost.  (like what happened to my first computer, someone broke into my house and stole it!!!! bastards).  
* Paint all the walls in my house---- the moving furniture around is what's really stopping me.
* and i'm braindead-- can't think of any others!!
Would you consider yourself materialistic? Why?
YES, HELL YES.  I don't consider it a bad thing.  I just love to shop, i love to have things.  I definitely don't forget that happiness, love and joy come before a materialistic item, and i'd chose those traits over any dvd or makeup brush.  I think i'm one in a million women that is materialistic... It's normal, we like to shop, we like to have things to hold.
10 adjectives to describe yourself?
Funny, understanding, persevered, charming, fabulous, warm, generous, trustworthy, witty, ambitious.
In the next 5 years, i see myself....
Starting cosmetology school, getting a new car, making new friends, moving into my own apartment, becoming a more skilled artist because i keep practicing and i'm eager to learn more everyday, having a job that i look forward to going to.  Last but not least, finding the "guy" to make me happy- and hopefully falling in love, because i'd like to have a little girl around 28. :).

I hope you got to know me a little better, and i hope you enjoyed the answers i provided, i thought it was fun, it was challenging for me to answer some of these questions.  It was fun and beneficial to me- it's always nice to learn a little more about myself.

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