Thursday, August 9, 2012

so i've been ouuuut of the loop

Whats up guys?
first and foremost i'm sorry for not posting for so long, not that anyone really cares it just concerns me because it was something i loved so much at one point.  I've started a new job, visited family, and had a farely busy summer.  On a positive note, I have increased my cosmetic collection by about 60% since i last posted, so once we get back into regular posting I have so many things to review for you all & many rambles.  I've had so many ideas and they've built up over the past few months, i'm so ready to act on them! I have completely non-beauty related new blogs that i'd like to create and so many youtube and blog posts pertaining beauty.  My stress levels have been through the roof and i'm so excited things are finally winding down and i'm able to manage my time better now.  Look foward to lots of L.Jay!
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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mini Essie Haul

I picked up some new Essie shades last week and thought i'd share :) 

Left to Right: Set in stone, Muchi Muchi, Aruba blue, and Trophy Wife.
I had to get another chunky glitter from their Lux Effects collection after purchasing and falling in love with "A CUT ABOVE" (the pink chunky glitter from their lux effects line).  Muchi Muchi is a very sheer and light pink color with a pearl undertone beautiful to pair with french tips or just for a light and natural polish for your nails.  It reminds me of a wedding! Aruba Blue had been on my "Essie wishlist" for a while" it's a dark royal blue with a metallic glow, it's bold and vibrant which you all know is the L.JAY WAY.  Last but far from least because i've been wanting it since the line was first launched, i FINALLY bought Trophy Wife.  Trophy Wife is a turquoise/teal/blue with a beautiful metallic glow.  It reminds me of a mermaid tail... seriously. 
So, sorry for not having swatches of all the colors for you, I haven't had the chance to really use all of them.  After shopping for them, I had a show to go to and had to hurry and paint my nails so I picked Aruba Blue for that night with the Set in stone for my "accent fingers" and I absolutely love it!

Aruba blue by Essie with Essie's Lux Effects SET IN STONE
on the ring finger, or "accent finger" as i call it!
So that's it! sorry i'm so boring, and sorry I haven't posted in so long! I'm working a new job and getting adjusted there as well as dealing with some family "issues"? I'll be back sooner than later with more live laugh & love. xoxoxoxoxoxox
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

YouTube channel + fb page = support please!!


Alright everyone. It's finally here. My YouTube channel is ready to go. I have a few more things go add into the videos that were last minute recommended. Go ahead and visit. Check out the 2 stupid videos I put up.
Invade you don't know I plan on quite a complex channel. I don't want to be like every YouTube beauty guru. However I will Build off their ideas and have learns so much from them as it is I will do hauls, beauty treatments at home and in salons, reviews on everything from hair supplies and tolls to cosmetics to shopping sites to quality and customer service shopping experiences. Nails are my favorite part of being a girl so as you know from my blog I'll definitely have nail tutorials or reviews. Nail show offs and swatches. And lots of reviews and updates on new nail polishes, favorite brands, trends and collections. Outfit of the days/nights, beauty tutorials and more!
Love you all
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*i rushed writing this on my iphone because i have a long day of work tomorrow please forgive any bad grammar/bad spelling, i hate auto-correct but sometimes it can be helpful...
~ miss. jay
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